Kevin Spacey in British court tomorrow: what is he charged with? † NOW

Kevin Spacey will appear in British court tomorrow to answer four charges of sexual misconduct against three men. What exactly is the actor accused of? The United Kingdom to prosecute Spacey for assaulting two men. In addition, the 62-year-old actor accused by one man of “inciting” penetration without permission. There are a total of four … Read more

Will more responsible use of weapons in films help against the US gun problem? † NOW

Movies that lead by example: about two hundred Hollywood stars are calling in an open letter for more responsible use of firearms in films and fewer scenes in which children use firearms. It is not the first time that the film industry is expected to take the lead on social problems. For example, tobacco use … Read more

Review overview Moroccan wedding: ‘Soumaya Ahouaoui is a discovery’ | NOW

After the premiere of Moroccan wedding the reviews are pouring in. The new film by Johan Nijenhuis, the king of romantic comedy, is about Yasmine. The young woman dreams of becoming a successful lawyer, but her family thinks it’s more important that she finally gets married. What do critics think of the film? General Newspaper … Read more

Review overview Stranger Things 4: Critics not happy with overcrowded story | NOW

After a break of almost three years, the story of Stranger Things again. The popular Netflix series, about a group of children who fight evil forces in the eighties, is received fairly enthusiastically by the international press. Yet from various angles there is also criticism of the packed story of Matt and Ross Duffer. NRC … Read more

Cannes climax is approaching: why this film festival is more important than you think | NOW

All the greats of the film world will come together in the south of France at the end of May. Cannes has hosted the most important and prestigious film festival in the world for decades. The prizes will be awarded on Saturday evening. What makes this film festival so special? Does the Cannes Film Festival … Read more

Review overview Top Gun: Maverick: ‘Sensationally well done’ | NOW

After the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick the reviews are pouring in. The movie is the sequel to the movie Top Gun from the eighties and again stars Tom Cruise in the lead role. Read below what is being written about the film in the newspapers. General Newspaper – four stars Cruise refuses to hand … Read more

From Marvel movie to attraction: Avengers Campus opens at Disneyland Paris | NOW

The whole world is already familiar with superhero movies, but how do you translate them into a physical experience? In recent years, Disneyland Paris has worked hard to take visitors into the Marvel universe. The result, the Avengers Campus, opens July 20 at Walt Disney Studios Park. “We have put our soul and salvation into … Read more