From Kevin Spacey to Johnny Depp, what’s left of a career after a fuss? † NOW

As Johnny Depp and Amber Heard nail each other to the cross, the career of misconduct accused Kevin Spacey seems to be slowly coming back. But he doesn’t make as many films as he used to. Do film makers still dare to deal with actors who have made a (alleged) misstep in the past? Thursday … Read more

Alleged victim Johnny de Mol: ‘Before I knew it I woke up with him on a bed, naked’

It beeps and creaks around TV presenter Johnny de Mol. Earlier, information leaked about the declaration of his ex-fiancé about alleged assaults and even an attempted murder. The file contains voice memos, photos and statements. Despite all the tumult, De Mol stayed on as a talk show host HLF8† Until suddenly a second woman came … Read more