Advertisers also object to merger plans of RTL and Talpa | NOW

After DPG Media, the association of advertisers (bvA) also objects to the merger plans of RTL Nederland and Talpa Network with competition watchdog ACM. That is what director Henriette van Swinderen says to The union fears a decline in TV offerings and more expensive commercials. “TV is still the effective channel if you want … Read more

NPO wants Ongehoord Nederland to cut its budget for violating journalistic code | NOW

The NPO wants to impose a financial sanction on broadcaster Ongehoord Nederland (ON!) because the journalistic code of the public broadcaster is systematically violated in the program Unheard of News, the NPO reported on Wednesday. Under the Media Act, the broadcaster’s budget can be reduced by a maximum of 15 percent. The NPO had contact … Read more

The most striking revelations from the documentary about Jennifer Lopez | NOW

half time, the documentary about Jennifer Lopez that will be released on Tuesday, contains several revelations about the singer. She was not happy with the halftime show with Shakira and she rediscovered her passion as an entertainer thanks to American Idol† lists the most remarkable revelations from the film. Although the documentary will be … Read more

Rebel Wilson forced out of the closet: why it is harmful to ‘out’ someone | NOW

Rebel Wilson shared on Instagram on Friday that she has found her ‘Disney princess’. The announcement of a new relationship should be a happy fact, but now it appears that the newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald pressured her to confirm the news that she is in love with a woman. Outing someone who is not … Read more

Unheard of Netherlands is violating the rules, but what happens now? † NOW

Unheard of Netherlands (ON!) violates the code of the public broadcaster with incorrect information, says the ombudsman of the NPO. The next move is now up to the NPO and the Media Authority (CvdM). How long will it take to actually take action? Ombudsman Margo Smit stated on Tuesday that the new broadcaster has violated … Read more

Willibrord Frequin was not afraid of anything as a direct journalist | NOW

Willibrord Frequin passed away on Thursday at the age of 80 from Parkinson’s disease. He was a notable journalist and television personality. In his interviews Frequin was direct, he didn’t mince his words and he wasn’t afraid of anything. That’s how his career went. Frequin grew up in Nijmegen in a Catholic family and was … Read more

Van der Meij recognizes himself in Mary Magdalene: ‘I have taken the spiritual path’ | NOW

In the passion Kim-Lian van der Meij was briefly seen as Maria Magdalena, but in the new The Passion Ascension of KRO-NCRV she even plays the leading role. In conversation with, the actress says that she recognizes herself in her character in several ways. “I made a spiritual awakening along,” says Van der Meij. … Read more

Eva Jinek thinks the Netherlands is still very conservative about mother issues | NOW

Eva Jinek is after making the docuseries The World of Eva look differently at motherhood and the problems mothers encounter, she tells In this three-part series, Jinek discusses important issues in the lives of mothers: the physical problems women experience during and after childbirth, the guilt you feel as a working mother and sex … Read more