Do artists have to tap around the clock?

The ubiquity of Tiktok is the most significant evolution in music land since the introduction of streaming. During two pandemic years without concerts or festivals, the short movie app became one of the main channels for discovering music. Just ask The Kid Laroi and Tai Verdes: the fact that they are playing at Rock Werchter … Read more

‘Suddenly we thought: we need more power’

Two and a half years after Amber Piddington and Marie Van Uytvanck had performed together for the first time, Kids With Buns already played in the Lotto Arena as support act for Tourist Le MC. At that time we fell for the single ‘Bad grades’ and the deep voice of Van Uytvanck. The duo made … Read more

‘I would rather make a good song than one that is controversial’

†Am not your Manic Pixie Dream Girl‘, declares Merol on her debut album, consolation prize† The Dutch singer resists the pop culture cliché as portrayed by Kate Winslet in Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind or Zooey Deschanel in 500 days of summer: a woman who mainly exists to bring color to the life of … Read more