This is how you wear the ‘little black dress’ à la Jennifer Aniston

The message less is more understands Jennifer Aniston all too well. The Friends actress provides proof that a black dress is all you need for a convincing look on the red carpet, on stage or at a premiere. In the 1990s, this so-called little black dress Jennifer’s signature soon follows and from that moment many … Read more

the star of Netflix hit Stranger Things

Who has been watching the exciting Netflix series for longer Stranger Things follows, couldn’t believe her luck last Friday. After almost three years of waiting, the long-awaited sequel to season 3 finally appeared, with actress Millie Bobby Brown still starring. When she was 11 years old, she first took on the role of the mysterious … Read more

Body language expert analyzes Heard and Depp lawsuit

It has been holding us in its grip for weeks: the lawsuit between actor couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The vehement accusations and allegations of the two fly over and the emotions run high several times. But is everything we see genuine, or are the actors using their acting skills to win the lawsuit? … Read more