Movie! Comedian Peter Pannekoek goes wild Allowance affair: ‘This is the state kidnapping of children!’

At Dit Was Het Nieuws, comedian Peter Pannekoek rightly went wild about the disgusting practices of the government regarding the Allowances affair. Because, he said, it is really just unprecedented that as many as 1,115 children have been (unjustly) taken away from their parents. and that they are still not back in their own family† … Read more

Peter Pannekoek receives plenty of support after a swipe at Rutte about ‘state kidnappings’ show

videoComedian Peter Pannekoek receives massive acclaim on social media after he called the out-of-home placements of children of benefit parents ‘state kidnappings’ in This was the news† He hit the nail on the head about the more than 1115 children who are still not home, is the consensus. Both Peter’s name and the hashtags #1115children … Read more

7x HBO Max movies and series you want to see now

Finally in the Netherlands we now also have access to the much-discussed series that have long been a hype in America, such as ‘Euphoria’ and ‘And Just Like That’. We can now also stream this new batch of series from our little country via HBO Max, but older series that were no longer available on … Read more