Presenter Russian state TV lashes out at Boris Johnson: “He is far too afraid to declare war on Russia” | Abroad

Vladimir Solovyov, host of a talk show on the Russian state channel ‘Russia-1’, has challenged British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to declare war on Russia. “He’s not macho enough for it and really he’s just scared,” Solovyov said. Boris Johnson compared aid to Ukraine during the war with the fight against Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. … Read more

Simone Ashley talks about ‘Sex Education’ intimacy training: “We looked at how snails mate” | showbiz

celebritiesActress Simone Ashley (27) also played in that other explicit Netflix hit, ‘Sex Education’ before she broke through with her role in the popular second season of ‘Bridgerton’. In the podcast ‘The Envelope’ she now tells how it went behind the scenes. “To prepare the intimate scenes, we studied animals.” Many know the British Simone … Read more

The Van Dorst farm in Apeldoorn will remain standing for the time being, thanks to the success of the TV series | show

The survival of the ‘Farm of Dorst’ in Apeldoorn has been extended again. Demolitionists are not welcome at the old building on the edge of the city for the time being, because the TV program is going to experience a third season. Presenter Raven van Dorst announced this on Sunday evening in the last episode … Read more