Mandy’s family travels through Europe with their converted camper: ‘There is a taboo on traveling with a baby’

“Such a parcel van from PostNL”, describes Mandy van Rijs (28) the means of transport that she bought together with her friend Bernhard (31). But there is nothing left of a van now that it has been transformed into a fully equipped camper. The family has been traveling along the west coast of Europe for … Read more

The beautiful story behind royal jewels

In the beautiful documentary ‘Kungliga Smycken’, Queen Silvia and Princess Victoria open their jewelery safe for once. Behind the Swedish glitters and glimmers there appear to be beautiful stories about love, power and politics. And that makes us curious, because what would we hear if Máxima and Beatrix followed their example? Like an oyster. That’s … Read more

18x tweets about fine dishwashers!

There are many handy household appliances, but we think the dishwasher is at the top of that list. Washing dishes is just a chore and the dishwasher makes life a lot easier and more beautiful. These tweets prove that all the more. 1. Time to hit the dishwasher. I had a very nice conversation with … Read more

Pearl Jam closes day two with dignity, singer Måneskin writes Pinkpop history in slip | Instagram show

UpdateIt is a fragment that we will see recurring in historical Pinkpop overviews for years to come. Singer Damiano David van Måneskin closed the performance on Saturday in only his slip, surrounded by female fans. After playing for less than an hour, Damiano David (23) addresses the heated Pinkpop audience. ,,I made a promise during … Read more

Marike and Patrick transformed an empty office building into a luxury loft in Zwolle South: ‘We have almost no walls’

Patrick and Marike’s apartment is right above a Chinese restaurant in Zwolle-South. At first you expect an office building, but the opposite is true. Upon entering you will find a beautiful apartment that is reminiscent of a New York loft. “We consciously opted for a wide and open feeling.” Ad is loading… Marike (31) and … Read more