‘I own all rights’ – De Groene Amsterdammer

The people in the Netherlands know her face. Aldith Hunkar has long been a TV presenter and journalist, before the youth news, in front of NOS News, for various programs and broadcasters. In those years, she was already busy: she felt the need – when it was not yet called ‘woke’ – to put together … Read more

a vegan and a carnivore

Photo: SBS6 Putting a meat eater and a vegan together: it undoubtedly makes for good TV, but a match made in heaven† That may not be the case. In the latest episode of Long live love Arthur and Kim put them to the test and, despite their different diets, live together for 24 hours. In … Read more

“The dolls start dancing”: Ron Cornet shows up in ‘Thuis’ as Dirk, Simonne’s charming crush | showbiz

TVThere he is! After a blurry holiday photo and some flirty text messages, Dirk finally made his debut in ‘Thuis’ on Thursday. Simonne had secretly and for the first time dated her crush. Will this meeting end and this charming man become the spoilsport in her marriage to Frank? “The dolls are going to dance.” … Read more