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with videoBibi Breijman (31) did not dare to go outside after it became publicly known that her partner Waylon had cheated her. That is what the vlogger says in a video on YouTube today, in which she is very candid about that turbulent period. “You think with everything: they are going to take a picture of me and send it to a juice channel.”

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In June, barely a month after Breijman gave birth to son Chester, rumors circulated that Waylon had been cheating. The singer decided to put on the robe and admitted that the stories about him were correct. ‘What I’ve done is unforgivable and I don’t expect Bibi to forgive me just like that. I want to be a better father than I’ve been a friend. I love my family most of all and that’s what I screwed up,” Waylon wrote.

In the weeks that followed, it remained fairly quiet from camp Bibi. She didn’t reveal anything about her relationship, but occasionally shared pictures of her children. Waylon told the RTL Boulevard camera that the two would solve it together and that a holiday was planned.

Bibi decided today to break the silence and share a candid video on YouTube, in which she looks back on the past period. Not to answer for the choices she has made, but to break the taboo surrounding cheating. “I want to discuss things. And above all, just say how I felt. I always share everything, of course, so it’s very strange that if something bad happens, you keep your face.”

In shock

The vlogger starts off and states that she was initially in shock when she learned that Waylon had cheated her. She ‘pushed him out of the house’, but then realized that her questions were still not answered and that her grief did not diminish. “I also noticed: I couldn’t get any further with anger,” explains Bibi. As a result, her breastfeeding stopped and she was also in need of assistance because she had had a violent birth and was in a wheelchair. “And then this came along, so I was so sad and angry, disappointed, broken and in shock.”

Because of all the outside negativity and the hate comments she received, Bibi chose to back off. Not just on social media, but in real life too. “That meant that I didn’t dare to go outside. Everything makes you think: oh, they’re going to take a picture of me and send it to a juice channel. Oh, they’re going to take a picture of me and make up another gossip or post something ugly about me again.”


You also want to protect what you have

Bibi Breijman

Bibi finally came to the painful realization that something had to change. That happened while dressing her son Chester. ,,He didn’t fit anymore, he had grown everywhere. That was confirmation of what had happened. Those clothes were meant for doing fun things and going out. Then I really thought, wow, this whole month has drained me of negativity and hurt.”

It made Bibi feel like a ‘very bad mother’. “Because I didn’t feel completely devoted to that little sweetheart, who deserved it so much,” said Bibi, who then can’t hold back her tears.


Although Bibi was very angry with ‘her guy’ Waylon, the hatred from outside eventually brought them closer together. A mixed feeling, says Bibi, but: “You also want to protect what you have.”

She closes her video with a clear message. “I chose this man myself. I also know it’s a special one, everyone knows that. I chose this man as the father of my children and I still stand behind it. And it is not for anyone to judge but me, for he did it to me.”

Bibi Breijman in her vlog © Still YouTube Bibi Breijman

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