Richard and Denise send a guest out of the avenue in B & B Full Love

You’ll just have to travel city and country to win the heart of a bed and breakfast owner, only to have to pack your bags after a few days. That is what happened on Wednesday evening not once, but even twice in ‘B&B Vol Liefde’. Both Richard in Portugal and Denise in Spain are sending someone out of their homes.

“Someone is thrown to the lions and then you have to disappoint them”

First we see Richard who is of course not going to send Simone, but Claudia home. The busy-maker thinks Claudia is ‘too busy’. “I want peace in the tent, I’m busy enough myself. And everyone knows that.” All in all, he thinks Claudia is a nice girl. “But I just can’t do anything with it.”

It is very difficult for Richard to have to ‘hurt’ Claudia. “Someone is thrown to the lions and then you have to disappoint them. That’s not my thing.” And so he decides to tell her the truth. “She’s not in her place. She’s not in my place either.” So he takes her aside for a while.

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“I don’t think it works between us,” Richard says directly. “No, I don’t think so either,” Claudia replies. “So it’s better for you to go home.” Then Richard, who is now fighting back tears, gives further text and explanation. “I need someone who can keep the peace, who can read a book.”

Claudia then reassures him. “It can be a lot of fun, I’m sure. But if we collide, we will collide very well.” Claudia would nevertheless like to stay. “But that would require two people. I’ve also noticed that we are a lot alike, in everything. In everything. So I don’t know if we fit together,” she says. “As much as you would like something, sometimes it doesn’t work.” All in all, a weight is lifted off Claudia’s shoulders. Finally, the two give each other a hug. “You are a beautiful person, I have already seen that”, she concludes. “You too,” he concludes.

With whom Richard does have a lot of fun from the first moment is Simone. The two can’t keep their hands off each other, as you can see in the video below.

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In Spain, hardworking Denise takes her second visitor, Giovanni, aside. She doubts his true nature. The two have their first conversation together, which immediately does not go too well. Denise then mentions that she finds both Giovanni and Dave ‘a bit fierce’. “Are we roosters, yes?” he then asks her. He then explains that their mutual behavior is mainly intended as a joke. “We sometimes have differences of opinion, but then we can talk about things nicely.”

All in all, Denise doesn’t understand his comments. “He says one thing, but means another.” She does not find Giovanni’s jokes about Dave’s height funny. “Men among each other,” she says. “I don’t find that very funny, to be honest.” When Denise asks if Giovanni is completely himself, he says that he is himself. “But if there are three of us, it’s a lot easier.”

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Giovanni has a bad taste left of the conversation. That’s why he takes her aside one more time. “I don’t think she got to know Giovanni at all.” When the two talk to each other, the monkey comes out of the sleeve. Neither Denise and Giovanni feel a romantic click. “I think we think differently about a lot of things, and see it differently,” she explains.

Giovanni then says that he does not feel the click. Denise thinks that’s ‘fine’, she says. “I don’t feel very much about it.” He soon noticed that there is no connection. “You can tell it’s friendly. And then it stops.” Denise praises Giovanni for the effort he has taken to come her way. “And you’re a top guy.”

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