These 15 Movies Are Brand New On HBO Max

HBO Max added 15 titles to its offering this week. An excellent score, especially after the last few weeks in which more than 60 films a week debuted.

Avant l’hiver (2013)

Direction: Philippe Claudel | cast: Daniel Auteuil, Kristin Scott Thomas, Leila Bekhti, Richard Berry

Paul never doubted the choices he made. After studying medicine, he married the beautiful Lucie, who gave up her own career to support her husband. He has always been faithful, commanded respect from his peers, raised a son, and built a beautiful home. But now, in the fall of his career, something may be putting a strain on all of this. It begins with a chance meeting with the young, mysterious Lou.The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006)

Direction: Ken Loach | cast: Cillian Murphy, Padraic Delaney, Liam Cunningham, Orla Fitzgerald

Ireland, 1920. Workers form a guerrilla army to resist the English thugs sent to stifle Ireland’s call for independence. Driven by a sense of duty and love for his country, Damien gives up his career as a doctor. He joins his brother Teddy as he fights for a free Ireland. When the freedom fighters force the English to their knees, there is finally room for a truce. Despite this apparent victory, a civil war breaks out. Families, who fought side by side against the English, are now at war with each other. Their loyalty is tested to the limit….

The Salt of the Earth (2014)

Direction: Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, Wim Wenders | cast: Sebastiao Salgado, Wim Wenders, Lélia Wanick Salgado, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado

Photographer Sebastião Salgado has traveled all continents for the past four decades. He has witnessed some of the most important events of our recent history. Such as international conflicts, hunger and exodus. This is a portrait of the Brazilian photographer, who spent eight years capturing uncivilized worlds for his project ‘Genesis’.

The Deep Blue Sea (2011)

Direction: Terence Davies | cast: Ann Mitchell, Jolyon Coy, Karl Johnson, Rachel Weisz

In post-war England, Hester Collyer leads a privileged life as the wife of Judge Sir William Collyer. When Hester falls head over heels in love with young pilot Freddie, she plunges into a passionate affair and risks her safe life. In the moralistic society of the fifties, it is a forbidden love that leaves Hester with an impossible choice.

Monica Z (2013)

Direction: By Fly | castEdda Magnason, Sverrir Gudnason, Kjell Bergqvist, Vera Vitali

Biography of Swedish singer and actress Monica Zetterlund. From her life as a switchboard operator to stardom in the clubs of New York and Stockholm. During her career, Zetterlund recorded numerous jazz albums and appeared in 10 films. In 1963 she represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest and in 1972 she won the national Swedish film prize (the Guldbagge) for best supporting actress in the film Utvandrarna. Due to scoliosis, she was forced to retire in 1999. Six years later, she died after a fire in her apartment in Stockholm.

Frank (2014)

Direction: Leonard Abrahamson | cast: Domhnall Gleeson, Moira Brooker, Paul Butterworth, Phil Kingston

Jon is a budding musician who gets the unique opportunity to join a very unconventional pop band. At its head is the mysterious Frank, a charismatic singer who always wears a mask. Together with Clara, he turns Jon’s world upside down.

438 Days (2019)

Direction: Jesper Ganslandt | cast: Gustaf Skarsgård, Matias Padin, Faysal Ahmed, Josefin Nelden

On the eve of June 28, 2011, Swedish journalists Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson attempt to illegally cross the border into Ethiopia from Somalia. Months of research and planning preceded this. They want to report on the brutal hunt for oil and how it affects the population in the Ogaden region. However, the journalists are imprisoned by the army.

locke (2013)

Direction: Steven Knight | cast: Tom Hardy, Olivia Colman, Ruth Wilson, Andrew Scott

Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) has worked hard to have a good life for himself. Tonight, however, that life will fall apart completely. On the eve of the greatest challenge of his career, he receives a phone call that sets in motion a series of events that will unravel his family, work and soul.

Holland: Nature in The Delta (2015)

Direction: Mark Verkerk | cast: Carice van Houten, Bram van der Vlugt

The entire Dutch delta nature is examined. The film is an ode to the Dutch coastal area, the rivers and the associated rich nature. The sea eagle, the beaver, the hare, the pimpernel blue and the stickleback pass in review.

Vanquish (2021)

Direction: George Gallo | castMorgan Freeman, Ruby Rose, Patrick Muldoon, Nick Vallelonga

Damon is a retired police commissioner who is cared for by Victoria. One day he kidnaps her daughter to blackmail her. He forces Victoria to help him clean up the force by patching up his corrupt colleagues.

Journal 64 (2018)

Direction: Christopher Boe | cast: Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Fares Fares, Johanne Louise Schmidt, Søren Pilmark

In an old apartment, some workmen make a gruesome discovery. Behind a fake wall are three mummified bodies surrounding a table, with a fourth missing. Carl and Assad from Department Q must find out who the people are and who is missing. They soon discover that the apartment’s previous occupants are connected to a notorious women’s hospital on an isolated island where forced sterilizations took place.

Kvinden i burette (2013)

Direction: Mikkel Nørgaard | cast: Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Per Scheel Krüger, Troels Lyby, Øyvind B. Fabricius Holm

Carl Mørck and Assad make a somewhat remarkable duo. They work for the police, for the Q department. They deal with cases that are almost time-barred. The duo becomes involved in a case that has been going on for five years, in connection with the disappearance of Merete. Soon, Carl and Assad find themselves in the dark corners of Scandinavia, searching for the psychopathic killer. But the truth turns out to be worse than they could have imagined.

Flaskepost fra P (2016)

Direction: Hans Petter Moland | cast: Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Fares Fares, Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen, Jakob Ulrik Lohmann

A note is found in a bottle that has been floating in the ocean for years. The note is hard to decipher, but when a Danish Q Division investigator receives it, he discovers it hints at an old case that could never be solved…

The Pheasant Killers (2014)

Direction: Mikkel Nørgaard | cast: Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Fares Fares, Johan Philip Asbæk, David Dencik

In 1994, young twins are found in a summer cottage. They appear to have been brutally murdered. A series of clues leads in the direction of a group of students from a nearby boarding school. However, the case is closed when a local outsider pleads guilty and is convicted of the murders. When the case ends up on Carl Mørck’s desk 20 years later, he quickly realizes that something is terribly wrong. As Carl and his assistant Assad investigate, they are led by an old distress call from a desperate girl who seems to know the secrets of the murders.

Closed Circuit (2013)

Direction: John Crowley | cast: Kate Lock, Katherine Press, Patrick Warner, Ricky Nixon

When lawyers Martin (Eric Bana) and Claudia (Rebecca Hall), two ex-lovers, are linked to the same case involving an international terrorist, their loyalties are tested and their lives are put on the line.