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The Black Cross has erupted again. Five fun facts about the special festival in Lichtenvoorde, which started as a cross-country race and grew into one of the largest festivals in the Netherlands.

Suzanne Borgdorff

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14-07-22, 15:23

1. Aunt Rikie has a famous son

Aunt Rikie is the mascot of the Black Cross. Her real name is Rikie Nijman (72) and she is the mother of Jovink manager André Nijman. The rock band Jovink en de Voederbietels, the band of Gijs Jolink, is indirectly the organizer of Zwarte Cross. Gijs is the son of Normal foreman Bennie Jolink (75). Aunt Rikie is honored at her festival, so she is literally admired on a palanquin. She is stepping down as director this year, but she will stay on as spiritual leader.

Aunt Rikie fires the confetti cannon, with Frans Bauer to the left of her. © PR

Gijs Jolink.
Gijs Jolink. © ANP

2. Play duck hunt when handing in ten cups

To keep the festival grounds a little clean, the organization of the Zwarte Cross has created the Achterhoekse Duckhunt. Whoever has had ten drinks and returns the cups to the cup cannon, may shoot once. Whoever hits it wins a prize.

3. It rains liters of beer through a special tap

How can the Zwarte Cross keep the entrance fee – a day ticket costs 32.50 euros – reasonably low? By selling a lot of beers. Beer brand Grolsch introduced so-called ‘rap taps’, in which a tray with 24 cups fills up with the yellow gold in no time. This happens in 17.2 seconds, which means that 150 beers per minute can be tapped.

4. Mooi Wark performs again ten years after ‘grass pollen incident’

The Drenthe farmer rock band Mooi Wark is back on the Zwarte Cross for the first time in more than ten years. The rockers were no longer welcome at the festival since 2011 after a ‘grass pile incident’. Bassist William Bossong encouraged the throwing of grass clumps when he saw spectators doing it. Now the band realizes: ,,Throwing with grass or with beer must stop immediately.”

Beautiful Wark.
Beautiful Wark. © PR

5. Ambiguous texts on means of transport

Trailers, vans, caravans: the Zwarte Cross campsites are a colorful collection of means of transport. They have often been given a striking color and an ambiguous text. A selection: ‘We cover everything except the damage’, ‘Men are like mosquitoes, they sting first, then the bump comes’, ‘Who would have thought, from a villa on the beach to camping in the country’ and ‘too much drinking is bad, but too little is much worse’.

Visitors walk around with Aunt Rikie's 'nose'.
Visitors walk around with Aunt Rikie’s ‘nose’. © Jan Ruland van den Brink

Jan Ruland van den Brink
© Jan Ruland van den Brink

A caravan with ambiguous texts on Zwarte Cross.
A caravan with ambiguous texts on Zwarte Cross. © Jan Ruland van den Brink

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