separated sleeping by sick dog

Do you know Jacob de Vries from B&B Full of Love yet? You can follow him on Videoland from today in The True Jacob. To get to know the real Jacob.

Jacob de Vries is 60 and has lived for 35 years in the Portuguese Algarve, where there are currently severe forest fires. He became the absolute eye-catcher in last year B&B Full of Love, the RTL program in which Dutch B&B owners look for true love abroad. A much-watched season is currently running on RTL 4 as well. Jacob is a striking and idiosyncratic guy and, in his own words, ‘a totally hopeless romantic’. The fact that his search for true love did not go smoothly made him one of the most talked about participants in the program. Even after the broadcasts he still made the news, also at Subway. Jacob lashed out at the ladies who had visited his villa Casa do Monte. “It’s actually like a small child that constantly asks for attention,” someone typified him.

We see the True Jacob on Videoland

Hey, RTL thought. We can follow Jacob nicely for a reality soap for our streaming service Videoland. From today you can watch his Portuguese adventures, with a new episode every week. Subway sat down for a while, for Look at the Tube. In this section Erik Jonk discusses new or striking programs from regular TV broadcasters and streaming services.

Jacob persisted B&B Full of Love eventually fifty-year-old Carla from Limburg, who lives with him for half a year in the series. Well ‘at’… In The True Jacob the two frankly admit that “their foundations have been rattling for a long time.” The man of the house: “I’m difficult, but I don’t have a bad bone in my body.” The two don’t think their relationship is ideal, they have their ups and downs. In addition, Carla’s beloved dog is quite ill. That’s why the couple sleeps in The True Jacob separately, she with the dog. “We hang out and sometimes visit each other at night.”

On the way to a big summer party

In addition to Jacob’s turbulent love life, we see about eleven cats and a pond full of koi carp and sturgeon. And the fun and striking Romanian Mariana, who stirs the pots and pans for the guests of the villa. That same villa was largely empty for two years because of corona, so we see The True Jacob how the thread is slowly picked up again after two difficult years (or in Jacob’s case always in sixth gear). The sixty-year-old is looking for potential cabinets in houses to be able to start a new multi-million dollar project. And we are following the preparations for an 80s-style summer party to be able to festively open a corona-free summer. Whether there is another woman by his side… we’ll have to wait and see.

The True Jacob Videoland
Jacob de Vries looking for a new villa in De Ware Jacob. Photo: RTL

Good guy for De Ware Jacob

We got to know Jacob de Vries as a nice guy with a mischievous face. A man with a heart on his tongue (‘I don’t like threesomes’) who, however, does not pronounce the words ‘I love you’ out loud easily. One man at a time, says Carla, who has forgotten what his words were two minutes after he said something. His impatient driving behavior in the car and on the motorcycle is reminiscent of Erica from Chateau Meiland.

All this makes Jacob a very suitable candidate for a reality soap and therefore for The True Jacob. And for RTL a worthy successor to singer and former indoor football player John de Bever. Need to get to know the real Jacob? Well, nothing is necessary. Your life just goes on if you don’t know who Jacob de Vries is. But relaxed TV entertainment this is.

Can Tube Illustration

De Ware Jacob can be seen exclusively on Videoland.

Number of cans out of 5: 3.

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