The mega success of Harry Styles and Rosa Linns Eurovision song needed some time | Music

37 (–) SNAP- Rosa Linn

Sometimes songs take a while. This applies, for example, to snap by Rosa Linn. She participated in the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Armenia and only 9 weeks after her participation, the success in the Top 40 follows. The Depth, Kalush Orchestra and Space Man is snap the fourth issue of this year’s festival to make it onto the list. The song by the 22-year-old singer owes its success to TikTok where snap has been popular for weeks. This week we add Armenia as a new nationality in the Top 40 because never before was an act from that country in the list. So now via Rosa Linn at number 37.

23 (–) CALM DOWN- Rema

A sultry guitar, a clicking rhythm and a tune with many repetitions that is also pleasant to the ear. There is no guarantee or formula for a summer hit, but these are the elements that help. Rema makes good use of it in Calm Down. Last week it was already the Alarm Disc on Qmusic and now the 22-year-old singer from Nigeria is making his debut in the Top 40. Calm Down is, at number 23, the highest new.

9 (12) I AIN’T WORRIED- OneRepublic

the cinema film Top Gun: Maverick yielded two Top 40 hits. Hold My Hand by Lady Gaga falls outside the Top 40 this week while I Ain’t Worried of One Republic managed to walk into the top 10 this week. The American band was in the top 10 for the first time in 2007 with Apologize and six years later with Counting Stars. OneRepublic’s last three hits have all become top 10 hits. After run and Sunshine is I Ain’t Worried now their fifth. The track climbs three places to number 9 in its sixth week.

1 (1) AS IT WAS- Harry Styles

Benson Boone scores with In The Stars his first top 3 hit – at number 3. There is also a new high in the Top 40 for Flemming because with Automatically he is number 2 for the first time. Harry Styles is also number 1 this week with As It Was. Never before has a Top 40 hit in the first 15 weeks on the list been so successful with two weeks at number 2 and now 13 weeks at number 1.

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