Cooking point Hans reached after pickle riot in B&B Vol Liefde: ‘I don’t fall in love with you’

In ‘B&B Full Love’ a real bitchfight took place tonight in Hans’s bed & breakfast. Hayriye is fed up with the authoritarian behavior that Desiree shows in the kitchen. “I just get palpitations,” she says with a head as red as a tomato. Hans is also boiling with anger and starts a meaningful conversation with her.

“Not a B&B full of love, but B&B full of misery”

Yesterday Desiree showed that her passion for cooking drives people crazy. Market traders in Italy are still on a ventilator after whirlwind Desiree passed by. Hayriye thought it was disrespectful how she behaved there, but kept her mouth shut. She has not lasted a day, because in today’s episode she completely freaks out.

Desiree wants to make a tuna salad, but Hans’s Italian kitchen does not provide the right seasonings. “I just don’t have mayonnaise. No ketchup and no salad dressing. And no pickles. Then you won’t get it nice and juicy,” Desiree says desperately.

The kitchen princess calls Libera, Hans’s ex, over. She must know where everything is, right? Well no, especially if Google Translate fails. Desiree comes up with another plan to use pickle in her tuna salad. She wants to text Hans to ask him to stop by the supermarket on his way home.

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Hayriye can’t stand it anymore. The turnips are done for her. “I think you’re really going too far now. (…) I really don’t understand what’s going on inside you. I really don’t get it,” she tells Desiree. Hayriye becomes visibly emotional. “You ask Libera first. She’s not a hostess here, is she? She just lives here.” Meanwhile, the same Libera unsuspectingly comes down the stairs and is startled by the bitch fight, causing her to take a few steps back up hesitantly.

“I can still send an app myself”, Desiree tries. “Do it. And if Hans is crazy enough to do it, then he should do it. But I think it’s really ridiculous,” says Hayriye. “I just get palpitations now. There is so much stress now that we all suffer from.”

Desiree is speechless. “I don’t know what you mean,” she says. “The stress level has been high since you got here. I tried to be nice for a long time, but it really stuck with me until now. I’m really done with you, Desiree,” says Hayriye as she walks away.

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When Hayriye tries to face Desiree again, round two of the one-sided bitchfight begins. “Why can’t we just relax here?” Hayriye asks. “I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m just cooking,” Desiree says. “You’re not just cooking. This isn’t just cooking. (…) You know? Have a good time cooking. I’m away for a while”, and so Hayriye storms out of the kitchen.

She calls her daughter with tears in her eyes. “There’s no pickle. She’s talked about that 50 times. I really can’t handle this.” Hayriye also sees that Hans falls short in his role as man of the house. “If he doesn’t do anything with this, that says enough for me too. That means you always have to do your own thing.”

Hans is over the boil when he comes home. “I can’t even go away for an hour. I have enough things on my mind. Then I’m at work (…) and I get a call every fifteen minutes. Then it stops.”

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He decides to take Desiree aside. “That’s not how you behave in someone else’s kitchen. (…) I can’t accept how you behave here,” he begins. “We have to solve that food, otherwise it won’t be a B&B full of love, but a B&B full of misery. That costs me too much stress.”

Earlier in the day Hans and Desiree had an outing. “I thought we had a lot of fun today,” Desiree says. “Have fun? We just played a little bit. But I haven’t shown any affection for you. And I don’t notice you coming closer to me either.”

“Look: love has to grow. That cannot be done instantly”, Desiree tries. But Hans has reached his conclusion. “I don’t fall in love with people like you. I do have friends. Laugh, sure. But falling in love… I know myself too well for that. And that’s not because of Desiree, but the type of person Desiree creates. I can don’t fall in love with it.”

We’ll see how this ends next week B&B Full of Love. The dating show can be seen every working day at 20.30 on RTL 4.