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I thought that every hair that grew would make me very happy! And yes… to a certain extent I am. Those on my head are a great gift. By using minoxidil since 4.5 months, my hair loss has decreased a lot, my bald spots have grown closed and my hair is getting a little thicker every day. Because the short, new hairs get a little longer every day. In a year I will be happy with my forest again!

like a spear

The minoxidil works like a spear for me. I’m very lucky with that, because it definitely doesn’t work for all women and I certainly don’t always think as well as it does for me. The good effect only entails hair growth in all other parts of my body. Face, legs, arms, back, more armpit hair, more hair at my bikini line, etc. In the beginning I thought: oh well, this is fine to accept. But meanwhile, the hair growth is increasing and it is not only light down hairs, but also long, dark hairs.

No, of course I don’t want this. No woman would be happy with excessive hair growth on the body. I now jokingly call myself a teddy bear. Nice and soft! But without fooling around… It makes me terribly insecure. Now my hair loss has finally stopped, I’m getting this. Finally less insecure about my hair on my head, I become insecure about hair elsewhere. I especially want to continue and not whine, because there she comes again with her shit about hair. But I can’t.

New hairs

Step one was therefore to look for solutions for excessive hair growth. Epilation, shaving, depilation, waxing, etc. Bought quite a few things at the drugstore and try them out. The problem I now run into is the following: as soon as I remove the hairs with, for example, depilatory cream, it is smooth for one day. The hairs grow back at a rapid pace and since the new hairs have not yet seen sunlight, they are darker than before and therefore stand out even more. So now seems to me the only solution laser.

But where do I start? Can’t I just put my whole body in a laser beam? Get rid of my skull then! Whoops, kill all hair follicles and problem solved. If only it were that simple. Firstly, lasering is terribly expensive and cannot be solved with one treatment. Nevertheless, I scheduled an appointment for myself for an intake including a free trial treatment. I am very curious what the clinic advises me. Anyway, whatever they’re going to say: tomorrow, next week and the week after, I’m still walking around like a teddy bear.

Learning to accept

It will be warm in our country in the near future and this weekend I’m going to France with friends for a long weekend. Of course I’m really looking forward to this, but I also notice that I’m ashamed. I sit there in my bikini or dress with my hairy arms, legs and back. When the sun is out, it is even more visible. What to do? For now I fear nothing at all. Learning to accept and embrace or something? Because now I don’t want to stop with the minoxidil and lose all my hair again.

I did, however, send my dermatologist from Radboud a message asking whether it makes sense to switch to 2% instead of 5% minoxidil, for example. Maybe it gives less side effects? But then of course there is also the risk that it will work less well for my scalp hair. Pff… I fear that alopecia will cause dilemmas and insecurities for the rest of my life. And that’s exactly what I have to learn to deal with.

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