4 reasons why you ‘must’ see the Dutch animation film Knor

Of grunt Mascha Halberstad has produced the first animation film entirely produced in the Netherlands according to the stop-motion method. grunt is now in cinemas and is already a success in advance. The movie piglet was launched at major film festivals and the title is set to be released in many countries. Why should you ‘should’ see it?

grunt is one of four family films that will be shown in Dutch cinemas this and next week. Because it’s summer vacation, treats Subway them all in different ways. Yesterday we kicked off with a review of silver star, the second horse film by TV personality Britt Dekker. To follow next week, especially for those staying at home this summer, warrior and Buoys!

Knor is to eat

Subway saw grunt already and really true, the piglet is to eat. Proverbial of course, but that’s really what the film is about. Below you can read all kinds of reasons why you can go to the cinema with the whole family. You will absolutely not be disappointed.

Oink animation film
Grunt with Babs. Photo: Gusto Entertainment
  • 1. Knor’s story is unique

The story in this film revolves around a piglet (obviously) and girl Babs. She gets a piglet from her grandfather Tuitjes on her ninth birthday (here gruntin foreign versions Oink). After a quarter of a century, that grandpa just blows in from America and carries something from the past that is kept secret from his vegan granddaughter Babs. grunt digs in the family’s vegetable garden and shits everything. Provided that the animal passes a puppy course for dogs, the piglet can stay with the family. Grandpa, however, has nefarious plans with the animal. This has everything to do with a competition of the Association for Meat Products of Fresh Pigs: who will be King Sausage of the Century?

grunt is based on the book The Revenge of Knor by Tosca Menten and adapted into a screenplay by Fiona Heemstra.

  • 2. Also fun for the parents

Kids will be thrilled to be ‘runaway king’ grunt and especially for the fact that pooping in the wrong places seems to be his favorite pastime. But there is also plenty to enjoy for parents (or adults without children). They will recognize a television game from yesteryear in ‘Slug with snails’ (don’t imitate it at home). But storylines are also recognizable. Broken friendships, family hassles from the past, defense against animal slaughter, a difficult mother/daughter bond: it’s all there. Without distracting the children, on the contrary. They probably even understand the lines in their own way and will think about it for a while. If not, they have a big laugh and who knows now and then with a tear (aaaahhh, grunt can cry too!) watched the movie.

Many well-known voices have contributed to Knor. Jelka van Houten is mother Margreet and – in real life also her husband – Henry van Loon the wimpy husband. We also hear Johnny Kraaijkamp, ​​Remko Vrijdag and Alex Klaasen. Two stand out in a positive sense: Loes Luca and Kees Prins. Luca is Babs’ bossy and angry aunt (you probably hear her by now) and Prince is grandpa Tuitjes. The actor had to speak with an American accent and occasionally also sing and that works out wonderfully.

grunt movie animation
Babs, Knor and grandpa Tuitjes. Photo: Gusto Entertainment

Foreign success Knor lies ahead

  • 4. Film festivals and interest

Knor was already selected five months ago for Berlinale, the film festival in Berlin. That was a nice boost for distributor Gusto Entertainment, producer Viking Film and – especially she – director and driving force Mascha Halberstad. Later, the film was also screened at a film festival in New York. That yielded a lot, because grunt is – the counter at the moment – ​​released in fifteen countries.

  • 5. You are going to fall in love with Knor

On the Subway-editors were divided after a first look at the pig (“I think he’s scary!”, shouted one reporter). But the editor who watched the entire 72 minutes knows: The Netherlands falls in love with grunt. What a sweet thing, so nice. As long as we don’t all of a sudden want a pig as a pet.

Is there nothing to grumble at all then? Maybe about the talking mouths, they are a bit weird. And that grunt It’s going to be a long wait before he can be seen in the film. But hey, a pig’s ear who pays attention to that.

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