Walking Peter Gillis makes Massa is Kassa viewers cry

A totally surreal broadcast of Mass is cashierbecause Peter Gillis went for a walk. This is part of his effort to lose weight. Now he was participating in a sponsored run, and viewers were no longer interested.

Just for the people who don’t know what Mass is cashier is, and hopefully there will be many: this is a reality show on SBS6 about Peter Gillis. This non-nonsense multi-millionaire owns the Oostappen Groep Vakantieparken, a chain of recreation companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. In the program you follow the ins and outs of his company and his private life.

Peter Gillis is losing weight fast

An attempt to lose weight was less easy for Peter Gillis than his beloved sausage rolls and frikandels. It took quite a wake-up call for a healthier diet, to finally be able to walk without panting and puffing, for example.

In March this year he was taken away by an ambulance with a heart rate of 30. Purely due to an unhealthy lifestyle. And if you see what he was working in on a daily basis, that didn’t really come as a surprise to the outside world.

Walking in Massa is Kassa

Peter Gillis has been losing weight for a while now. Together with Chatilla van Grinsven he already got his own sports section in Show newsbut also in Mass is cashier it is now a central theme.

In the most recent episode of Mass is cashier Peter Gillis went for a walk, 5 kilometers that is. Sounds like nothing, but for someone who is very overweight it turns out to be quite a task. Voice-over Frank Lammers added a wonderful flavor to the walking tour with a sensational sauce. β€œThe local press has gone out en masse (one camera, ed.) to show this top performance from A to Z. The fans are already saying goodbye to their hero. Because not everyone is convinced that he will survive. Five kilometers!”

Viewers react massively

Mass is cashierviewers couldn’t hold back their digital tears of laughter. An overview of the reactions. And yes, Peter Gillis completed the walking tour alive. You can watch the relevant episode here.

Also view the fleet of Peter Gillis.

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Walking Peter Gillis makes Massa is Kassa viewers cry