Patrick Kicken: The new 3FM programming and what 538 puts in front of it

[BLOG] Okay, after a long tug-of-war, the new 3FM programming is complete. Something that looks promising at first glance. My prayers to give Keur a spot on the channel have been answered and as discussed here two weeks ago: Barend van Deelen gets the afternoon show. Without Iris van Enthoven, with whom he can now be heard on Friday evening on 538, who is too busy with her 150,000 Instagram followers. Speaking of 538, what are they actually doing in return for this? I did hear about that. But first, let’s talk about the NPO’s biggest concern: 3FM.

The fact that Sander Hoogendoorn and especially Frank van de Lende get another chance in the new 3FM programming is of course purely broadcasting politics. ‘Then put them at the hours that can’t hurt so much’, 1 – 4 pm and 7 – 9 pm. BNNVARA, who in any case get the lid on the nose by losing the two most important shifts on a radio station: the morning show and the afternoon drivetime. Soon in the hands of AVROTROS/KRONCRV and POWNED. And good too. BNNVARA’s dominance on public radio stations must come to an end, according to intimates. An hour of Timur at noon (12-1pm) is a bit scanty, the man can do more but doesn’t want that much. It’s funny that the morning show lasts until 09:30, something I suggested earlier, just like Keur on Friday afternoon opposite Coen and Sander. Smart choices.

We can only hope that 3FM can turn its image problem around. This will require much more than just a different music policy and different programming. The station has lost a lot of listeners’ trust, its name has been smeared by all the negative coverage and programmatic changes for years. The brand is like Buckler beer, which you really don’t want to be seen with on a terrace anymore. I therefore keep suggesting that a new name be chosen, elaborating on the success of NPO Radio 2: just call it NPO Radio 3. Get rid of that FM, new logo, decent slogan, say goodbye to the past, fresh start.

They still don’t have an image problem at 538, there too a lot has been shifted and musically programmed incorrectly in recent years. Fortunately Dave Minneboo is back at the nest and he doesn’t exactly work like a gentle healer. The departure of Barend to 3FM is an example of this, it was obvious that he no longer wanted him every day at 10-12 am, earlier in the evening or even at the weekend. It now seems that good old Lindo Duvall is returning to that spot, daily after the morning show. After that, Coen Swijnenberg can show whether he can also do it solo, from 12-14 h.

Mark Labrand returns to the weekly programming from 2 pm, after being taken off by broadcaster La Coco barely a year ago. I can’t help feeling that that had something to do with Labrando doing an otherwise extremely interesting video interview with me, which made her pretty pissed off afterwards. Good thing Minneboo let Labrand return during the day. Unfortunately for him, as a chart fan: he stops presenting the 538 Top 50, which moves from Friday to Saturday. Ivo van Breukelen can talk to each other in the hit parade during the weekend.

As it was announced months ago here at Taalbuis, Frank Dane will hopefully do his best between 4 and 7 pm and, freed from the ‘just copy Edwin Evers’ jacket (which Tim Klijn is now in at Radio Veronica), just be yourself again on the radio. The evening seems to have been cleared for Ivo van Breukelen from 7 pm on 538. The boy who is now after 9 pm, Mart Meijer, also seems to be on the transfer list to 3FM, according to the corridors. Since the VPRO has been told that they should do their alternative 3VOOR12 shizzle online, it could easily become a one-two, Mart after 9 pm on 3FM instead of 538. Or something at the weekend, the Mega Top 30 or something.

The rest
‘I have yet to see it all’ is a frequently heard statement these days on and around the Mediapark and the Bergweg. And so it is. NPO Radio 2 has such a clearly dominant position (as a public broadcaster, brilliant) that 538 and 3FM are left behind. Only Q, Sky and 10 really know how to reach a target group that does not feel at home with the somewhat salty 2. We do not know what Minneboo is still planning at 538, he has not yet managed to enter the Top 40 angling. After the birth of Marieke Elsinga’s child, he will probably cast his lasso again towards the Kauwgomballenfabriek in Amsterdam to attract both Marieke and Mattie to the Bergweg. Then it really gets fun!

Patrick Kicken