Horses and ClipMyHorse organize their own World Cup TV party à la Studio Sportzomer

Studio Sportzomer, De Avondetappe, Tour du Jour, major sports all have a TV program around their sporting highlights. Now equestrian sport is also getting its own World Cup TV party: Studio Herning. Three HorsesTV marathon broadcasts around the world championships in Herning. With an audience in the studio that not only enjoys the sport, but also the atmosphere of watching – and talking about – the sport together. Place of performance: the Valkenburghoeve in Oosterbeek, where restaurant Barbizon will provide the necessary culinary indulgence.

HorsesTV, the new equestrian talk show from and ClipMyHorse, will be in Oosterbeek on 10, 12 and 14 August. A cozy studio is being set up on the beautiful accommodation of the Valkenburghoeve of the Hazeleger family, where the audience at tables is part of the broadcast.

Presentation by Annette van Trigt

The presentation is in the hands of Annette van Trigt. The documentary maker (‘The Battle of London’, ‘Golden Genes’, ‘The Story of Totilas’) and presenter of ‘Langs de Lijn’ receives guests and speaks with experts in the sport.

Annette van Trigt with Totilas in Erp – Photo: Privé

big screens

The sport in Herning can be seen on large screens. Experts analyze the performance of the Dutch participants and their competitors in pre- and post-reviews. There is a live switch with Herning, where reporter Dirk Willem Rosie interviews riders and other involved. This creates a unique involvement in the sport; with the viewers at home, but especially with the audience in the studio that sits on top of the sport and experiences everything intensely.

Three marathon broadcasts

Studio Herning provides three marathon broadcasts from Oosterbeek. On August 10, the first program will take place, completely focused on the Freestyle to music, the individual final of the dressage. On August 12, the jumping Nations Cup will take center stage. The third broadcast is on August 14, when the individual show jumping riders compete for the world title.

Burgundian attention

Studio Herning promises to be a unique program. Enjoying the beauty of equestrian sport together, talking and discussing it with each other, with those directly involved and experts, and all this in an attractive decor and with Burgundian attention to the inner person.

More experience

“Equestrian sport should receive this attention,” says Corine Bruinier of ClipMyHorse Netherlands, the driving force behind HorsesTV together with “We want to create more experience and love around the horses and the sport. If the national TV stations don’t broadcast much equestrian sport and sometimes also have a negative approach to the sport, then we have to stand up and show that equestrian sport is really great, a sport that is only possible through the bond with and love for the horse.”

tables for sale

Would you like to attend Studio Herning? That’s possible! For 950 euros (excluding VAT, including luxury cold and warm snacks and unlimited drinks) you can reserve a table for six people for Studio Herning 1 (individual final dressage) and Studio Herning 3 (individual final jumping). For 850 euros (excluding VAT) you can be at Studio Herning 2 (country jumping competition) with six people.

For more information or to reserve a table, please contact [email protected]

Broadcast schedule Studio Herning

Studio Herning 1:

August 10, 7pm – midnight, Freestyle to Music

Studio Herning 2:

August 12, 20:00 – 24:00, Jumping Nations Cup

Studio Herning 3:

14 August, 12.00 – 18.00, Final individual jumping