horse girls and boys, run to the cinema

The sequel to Britt Dekker’s film whitestar is there. silver star he is now called, again after the protagonist, a horse. Is it something? Horse girls and boys can at least go to the cinema with peace of mind.

This and next week, no fewer than four Dutch ‘films for the whole family’ will appear in the cinema. Subway pays attention to all four because it is summer vacation. Can’t go on holiday for some reason? Then we would like to recommend this summer’s films with which you can enjoy yourself with the children.

More on the other three titles later. Subway‘s Movie Review of the Week is now silver star† Because Britt Dekker managed to get it right again.

Silverstar straight out of the cinema

To be honest, it took some digging. The Subwayreporter saw the film in… December. When silver star once turned, the new corona measures from then threw a spanner in the works. The cinema doors closed. Too bad, silver star† However, Britt Dekker’s work (she came up with the story and plays along) was so short that the film could effortlessly return to the big white screen this summer. Last night she told about it in talk show Renze† And that resulted in quite an awkward moment.

The Story of Silverstar

Several years after her win with Whitestar, Megan (Britt Dekker) runs her own equestrian center. When Whitestar’s son, the young horse Silverstar, gallops into the woods in a stable fire, he is found by 16-year-old Esmee (Wendy Ruijfrok). The two have a special click. After the fire, Megan is offered help from horse dealer Carina (Bo Maerten, who this spring / this summer also F*ck Love 2 and Pregnant & Co is visible). But can she be trusted? Esmee finds out that strange things are happening, but nobody wants to listen to her. To save Silverstar, she sees no option but to run with the horse. Together, Esmee and Silverstar must survive in nature.

Talent Wendy Ruijfrok

A film by Britt Dekker, it raised many eyebrows in 2019. Subway then interviewed her in Hippisch Centrum Muiderberg, just like the young lead actress Richelle Plantinga† Richelle is now doing drama training in Amsterdam and is not in silver star to see. Now we have Wendy Ruijfrok, another such direct hit. She acts in a fresh, natural way. The moral of this movie according to its character? “All adults are stupid.” Her young opponent Eliyha Altena is also fine.

Silverstar Britt Dekker Eliyha Altena
Wendy Ruijf skirt with Silverstar. Photo: Dutch Film Works

Britt Dekker and Netflix

And Britt Dekker and those furrowed eyebrows? Let that horse lover in heart and soul slide. Her first movie whitestar ended up on Netflix after a reasonable cinema success (and can still be seen on the streaming service).

In front of silver star she and director Diede in ‘t Veld have put together a very nice cast. The very experienced Bart Klever and Anneke Blok are there for example (Blok is the grandmother who has an uneasy relationship with granddaughter Esmee). And Juvat Westendorp and the aforementioned Bo Maerten are also there. It is nice to see that Maerten can now play a ‘handsome secret’. Such a ruthless lady who offers Silverstar shelter in her horse business and then asks half a million euros for it without batting an eyelid.

Silverstar Bo Maerten
Bo Maerten as a fake horse dealer in Silverstar. Photo: Dutch Film Works

Not for everyone

silver star is certainly not for everyone, but it is annoying for no one. Horse-loving kids will love the movie (and maybe shed a tear here and there). They have to bite through the barn fire scenes. Because they are pretty intense.

Rating out of 5: 2.5 (for the horse kids 5)

SubwayYou can read the film review of the week every Wednesday at 6 pm. New titles always appear in Dutch cinemas on Thursdays, sometimes also on Wednesdays (such as silver star† Reporter Erik Jonk chooses one every week. Next week: warrior with football artist Soufiane Touzani.

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