Even after Frank Visser’s verdict, neighbor dispute escalates completely: ‘Neighbors fear for their lives’ | show

attempted manslaughterA feud between a couple and their neighbor in Haarlem, which has been festering for years, has gotten completely out of hand, even after the intervention of TV judge Frank Visser. In a local supermarket, tempers ran so high between the two parties that someone was hit on the head with a hammer. A lawsuit should finally bring an end to the lingering conflict.

The couple – the plaintiffs in the case – have been involved in a fierce neighbor dispute with a neighbor since 2003. The preliminary relief judge also concluded that there was bullying, serious noise nuisance, destruction and (animal) abuse. The plaintiffs have been in contact with the landlord Ymere and the local police officer about this for years, but this did not lead to a concrete solution.

Mutual contact ban

In a last desperate attempt, both parties enlisted the help of television judge Frank Visser. Who judged in the popular SBS6 program mr. Frank Visser Makes Pronunciation that there was an irreparable relationship and that only a mutual prohibition of contact would offer solace.

Parties are prohibited with immediate effect from contacting each other, seeking or contacting each other in any way, other than through short, business notes, and only if there is an urgent need to do so. the country’s most famous TV judge. Landlord Ymere was hereby urged to ensure compliance with this decision and, if necessary, to initiate an eviction if one of the parties did not care.

sad low

It is not clear what exactly happened next. However, the conflict reached a sad low last month. The couple’s neighbor and wife ran into each other in a local supermarket and the situation got completely out of hand. The woman was hit on her head with a hammer and injured. The neighbor was arrested in the act by the police. He is still incarcerated on suspicion of attempted manslaughter/aggravated assault and probably faces a severe sentence.

Although the neighbor has been behind lock and key ever since, the Haarlem couple is not yet reassured. According to the judge, they fear for their lives if the neighbor returns to his home after his pre-trial detention has ended. They are convinced that he will repeat himself, because they have been dealing with violence and intimidation for more than twenty years. According to them, a contact ban is not enough, so they went to court to enforce a complete restraining order.

Restraining order necessary

At the hearing, the neighbor stated that a restraining order is not necessary. He now really wants to adhere to the restraining order and is willing to move. He just needs more time for this. According to him, there is a prospect of a possible home exchange, but because he is stuck, realizing a home exchange is difficult. The judge acknowledges that, but still proceeds to a restraining order. “The seriousness of the incident, its consequences for the claimant and the aforementioned circumstances, including the long-term disturbed relationship and the role of [gedaagde] therein, however, make the restraining order justified and necessary,” it sounds.

The restraining order focuses only on the neighbor. His wife and their children are allowed to come into the street and into their home, so that they can realize a move in peace. According to the judge, it is ‘sufficiently plausible’ that the conflicts between the parties are largely due to the neighbour. He is therefore also ordered to pay the legal costs.