Discord among viewers Evening stage, Van Roosmalen the cause

Marcel van Roosmalen joined the Tour de France after-show show last night The Evening Stage and we knew that. The writer and columnist has been completely slammed on Twitter, but not only that. Other viewers believe that with his grunting performance, he flawlessly exposed the jubilation about the cycling spectacle: “Best broadcast ever

Actually, nobody should be surprised about Marcel van Roosmalen. He considers it, doesn’t like it, writes it down or mumbles something about it on radio or TV. That will never change. He even recently bundled all that grumbling into an 800-page book, Total† For whom immediately ‘who is reading that?’ wants to tweet: the book ended up at number 1 on the best-selling book list.

Earlier this year, his comments sparked threats. Then it concerned texts about politician Gideon van Meijeren of Forum for Democracy. Marcel van Roosmalen filed a complaint and said that threatened readers of his column had not understood the irony.

Marcel van Roosmalen and a great stage

Perhaps at most the timing of Marcel van Roosmalen’s arrival to the French Alps was ahead of it The Evening Stage unhappy. Presenter Dione de Graaff had a great cycling day with former riders Rob Harmeling and Danny Nelissen. The Dutch team with only one Dutch rider, team Jumbo-Visma, had completely turned the Tour de France upside down yesterday afternoon. The Danish young star Jonas Vingegaard won the stage above 2000 meters and thus impressively grabbed the yellow jersey. And that after a barrage of attacks. Harmeling and Nelissen could have talked about it long and tasty. However, their fellow guest stole the show.

Marcel van Roosmalen didn’t like it all, the whole Tour de France thing. Twitter immediately filled up. With people watching in horror and finding the broadcast the all-time low. And with others who have sat in front of the TV with a big grin. Anyway, it got kind of uncomfortable. Something former Subway-reporter and cycling expert Kasper Hermans summed it up nicely:

Did you experience the perfect day?

“You must have had the perfect day,” Dione de Graaff tried. But Marcel van Roosmalen didn’t have that. His daughter does. “She enjoyed the advertising caravan. We also had to wait four hours.”

With a cheat sheet in hand (and later his book for promotion on the table), Marcel van Roosmalen was allowed to analyze what he had experienced in the Tour de France. That was very little, we can conclude in summary. “Talking about cycling doesn’t really make much sense. There is no tactic. The best comes out first. I was on the roof of the Tour, the Galibier. I was short of breath and stood among all the madmen, men in cycling clothes who started to behave more and more strangely. We stood there for hours and hours. In the distance we saw a dot approaching. That turned out to be the Frenchman Barguil. Then we had to wait a long time and that Pogačar came by. He clearly had a sugar deficiency, I could tell by his hollow eyes. I knew: this is the moment he falls through the ice. And then it was a long wait again. The spectacular part of the stage completely escaped me. Fortunately it was nice in the car. We were very happy to be able to leave.”

Marcel van Roosmalen and ‘the plan’

And so it went on for a long time and from bad to worse. Marcel van Roosmalen especially trotted when it came to ‘a plan’ for the stage. The writer is such a man who remembers that in The Evening Stage typically talks about “the plan for the day”, “a failed plan” or a “perfect plan for the day” 23 times. Whoever follows him knows: he will do that 46 times tonight. He is no stranger to a bit of fiddling. While half of the Netherlands exulted over the tactics of Jumbo-Visma, Van Roosmalen wondered 46 times in a row ‘what the plan was’.

Rob Harmeling and Danny Nelissen kept themselves neat. But Marcel van Roosmalen would probably have preferred to take over the table. Just like the viewers at home. Or not… if you look at the overview below.

Can’t wait to watch The Evening Stage now? That’s possible here.

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