Dickpics in De Slimste Mens hilarious and poignant at the same time

Dickpics in The smartest person† Yes, eight pieces even last night. And a somewhat harrowing story behind it. And also the villainous opinion of – of course – one-headed jury member Maarten van Rossem.

It happened yesterday in the second broadcast of The smartest person, which has again shot out of the starting blocks like a comet. The jubilee season – the knowledge quiz of the knowledge quizzes is ready for its twentieth season – has so far been good for more than 1.6 million viewers. That is nowhere near any other program besides the Journal from 8 p.m. Although there are also people who think, probably based on the audience in the background, that one of the most successful TV programs in the Netherlands is over.

Do you want The smartest person still look back? Watch out, below is information about the broadcast (which can be viewed here).

Photo gallery in The Smartest Man

After ‘surviving’ Monday, journalist and writer Femke van der Laan (she was of course also the wife of former mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan) and political journalist Thomas van Groningen The smartest personchairs back. New last night was football journalist and podcast maker Daniëlle Kliwon (Hard GrassThe watchword† Like the others, she played the round of ‘eight photos with an overarching theme’. Dick Advocaat, Dick Trom, Moby Dick and De Dikke van Dale, among others, appeared in the picture.

With Philip Freriks as the presenter you can feel him coming from miles away, but the questioner made his comment anyway: “I’ll just say these were eight dick pics.” That joke went with Thomas van Groningen anyway, because he was laughing in his chair. He also laughed afterwards. Van Groningen settled in fifth place of the best scores in The smartest person ever.

Do you ever get dick pics?

“That’s very fashionable these days,” Freriks continued on the dickpics. Then he suggested smartest person-debutante Daniëlle Kliwon a question: “Have you ever had to deal with the real dick pics?” The question was not well received by all viewers.

Kliwon answered politely, although her experience was not pleasant: “Just a real dick photo? I’ve had it, yes. Also dick videos. But not with such a power difference in a working environment, such as Overmars at Ajax. They were complete strangers, so you let that slide off you a bit. It will be, bye. It would be much worse for me if someone I know or someone I work with sent a photo or video unsolicited.” “Absolutely strangers have sent that to you?” Philip Freriks responded. Kliwon: “Yes, via Instagram and Twitter too.” Freriks: “Insane.” Kliwon again: “It is. But somehow it has become almost normal.”

She also had something about her neighbor: “She gets a lot of dick pics. She made a folder of it on her phone. When she gets a dick pic, she sends back another one she saved.”

Maarten van Rossem lashes out at social media

smartest personjury member Maarten van Rossem, also an expert in the Subwaypanel, was of course allowed to express his opinion about sending dickpics. “I think this is a pretty serious mental disorder. If you normalize that, I think it’s a very wonderful process. I think that someone like that man from Ajax will be put under psychiatric treatment. It is strange that it is more or less normal. That again has to do with that plague and that fungus on our culture, the social media. In one way or another, it apparently invites this kind of deviant behaviour.”

Uncomfortable moment at Renze because of Britt Dekker: ‘I am processing what you have said’

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Dickpics in De Slimste Mens hilarious and poignant at the same time: ‘Mental disorder’