B&B owner Astrid makes drastic decision about date: ‘Have I done something wrong?’ † show

Spoiler alertA surprising twist in B&B Full of Love yesterday: participant Astrid decided to send one of her male guests home after 48 hours. The B&B owner, who has settled in the Austrian Sankt Michael im Lungau with her children, stated that she saw no future with him.

Alex made his entrance in Astrid’s B&B last Monday. He immediately thought she was a nice woman, but on the first evening it was clearly visible that the two still found it a bit uncomfortable and had difficulty starting a conversation with each other. To relieve the tension, Astrid decided to go for a hike with Alex the next day. It was not really romantic, though: Astrid had to get something off the chest.

“I can tell you are very enthusiastic. And that’s allowed, that’s logical, that’s fun. But I find that it’s just too much. Too much, too soon. And I notice that because of that I just lock,” Astrid confessed to Alex. “I just notice for myself that the bigger you step forward, I take it three times as hard backwards.”

Alex said he got the message: they needed to slow down. But despite the candid conversation the two had had, Astrid still wasn’t feeling well the next day. In the meantime, her second date Harm-Jan had already arrived, to which Astrid reacted a lot more enthusiastically. The men were watching TV together when Astrid suddenly appeared and invited Alex for a chat.

Astrid has a message for Alex in B&B Full of Love. © RTL


They left for the kitchen, where Astrid had a painful message in store for Alex. ,,I already told you a few things yesterday, how I felt. That was very difficult for me and now is also difficult for me, but I don’t think anything is going to change for me, that I’m going to feel it, that something is coming, or whatever,” she began her story. “And I don’t want to hurt or hurt you at all with that, but on the other hand I don’t want to give you any more hope either. And I also just want to be honest and open and also respectful towards you.”

Alex wondered if he had done something wrong and the B&B owner decided to say goodbye to him. ,,No. This is really just me, my feeling. And that’s what I’m assuming. And yes, that is not there and that, I also know, is not going to come.”


I don’t want to hurt or hurt you at all


The disappointment was visible on Alex’s face. ,,I really enjoyed it with you, very nice too. You are a nice woman and sweet. In any case, be well,” he finally responded sportingly to Astrid’s decision, who herself did not know what to say next. ,,Somewhere…somewhere it will be all right.”

It is not the first time that a participant of B&B Full of Love send someone home. In the first season, Caroline, who coincidentally also ran a B&B in Austria, decided to let her date Nico pack his bags. “I don’t think you’re the type of person I could really relate to,” she said. In conversation with this site, Caroline later looked back on the adventure.

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