‘B&B didn’t see this French kiss coming full of love-Simone’ | TV thermometer

“While Desiree first tries to take over the bedroom and swimming pool of Hans’s B&B in Tuscany, it is now the turn of the culinary offer for the guests. Besides the fact that she cannot be silent for a second – if she is not talking she will start an opera serenade -, the blond whirlwind cannot sit still either. I’d been lounging by the pool long and wide, but Desiree doesn’t have time. She has to go to the market. And poor Hayriye, Hans’ other blond single, unfortunately has to come along.

French kiss

Even from the couch, I get complete stress with Desiree running around there without any structure. I just think, ‘girl, don’t forget to breathe!’ For the first time there is shouting on the other side of the stalls, because our musical star cannot find the white asparagus. Southern European countries are known for their colorful fruit and vegetables, and a lot more nutritious than the tasteless peppers from the Dutch supermarket. But for Desiree it’s obviously not enough. The ladies return with 46 filled plastic bags. Food for an entire orphanage you would think, but Desiree’s heart rate still hasn’t dropped. Hans’ wallet has meanwhile been emptied and Hayriy’s energy has been drained. That again.

Things are just as chaotic with Richard in Portugal. And I’m not even talking about the mess on his property. Both his pedometer and his thoughts are clearly going in all directions. While he first made it clear that Simone is not his type – too short hair, no butt – she is surprised the next morning with a French kiss. Of course with Ingrid on his right hand pontifically next to it. Simone clearly didn’t see that kiss coming, but many viewers would rather have been spared it. The cameraman, on the other hand, zooms in again. Well thanks.


Richard then rattles on with far too many details. He went to bed ‘normally’. Without Simone, but with a bar of chocolate. Apparently the best substitute for sex. Barely an hour after the French kiss, Simone is surprised by a second competitor when he returns. Also a blond lady, but with long hair and ‘nice buttocks’. According to Richard, when this new addition, Claudia, asks him about his first impression.

The sixth B&B owner, Natasja (48), then makes her appearance in France. We can now dream of the fragment about the key to her heart. Unfortunately, she is not exactly happy with the responses to this call. She is even disappointed! Unfortunately, the percentage of polo polo players between registrations is unexpectedly low. Still, four men are given the benefit of the doubt, although she doesn’t seem to really feel like it.

red convertible

The first candidate is 56-year-old Dirk. He races into the yard in a red convertible and fortunately can still drive, because Natasha herself doesn’t like that very much. Dirk seems to come more as a life coach than for love. He is also a builder, just like Natasja who set up her entire B&B herself. But small difference: Dirk is a ‘physical builder’. Something with Ikigai, Japan and doing what you feel like every day. The best man already retired twenty years ago, but it remains especially unclear where exactly he earns his money.

Dirk talks a lot, but actually says little. In any case, Natasha does her best. A white wine, crackling campfire and good food. But to no avail, because there it is again… Three, two, one: the awkward silence. All the discomfort seemed to be over for a while, now that Alex left Austria with screeching tires from Astrid. But the birdsong are back! So this time in France. Fortunately, they don’t mind themselves.”

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