14 sublime series to catch up this summer

Better Call Saul

Fans of Saul Goodman have already marked August 15, and perhaps also with a mourning edge, in the agenda: then the very last episode of Better Call Saul to see. The series has convinced so many viewers in recent years that this series is already the ‘mother series’ for many. Breaking Bad has outflanked. The strong sixth season only reinforces that claim.

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Deposits: Power & Glory

Few politicians can please us, but for Birgitte Nyborg we like to make an exception. Nine years after the strong first three seasons, his Secure and Nyborg back. The somewhat darker fourth season is set in Greenland, but all the success ingredients from a decade ago are still there. First and foremost: Sidse Babett Knudsen, who is now again struggling with her various roles as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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‘Burning: Power & Glory’Image TMDb


Sex, drugs, violence, drama, mental problems. Is there a series that is more tongue-in-cheek than Euphoria† The second season was even tougher, even more discussed than the first season. The influence of Zendaya and co. on a generation of young people and on popular culture is hard to underestimate.

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'Euphoria' Image Streamz

‘Euphoria’Image Streamz


Season two has just been officially confirmed, and that’s hardly a surprise. uncles was initially criticized – some jokes are rather flat – but eventually the series is there and it has grown into a phenomenon. Thanks to the nice over-the-top acting performances, often funny scenes, but also with a reflection of a Flanders that still exists. Because everyone knows a Carine, right?

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'Uncles' Picture Play4

‘Uncles’Image Play4

Stranger Things

Kate Bush will happily agree: Stranger Things is hot† It can push old songs back to the top of the charts, but the nostalgic trip to the 80s remains more than intact in the fourth season. The many easter eggs and winks give the series an extra dimension.

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'Stranger Things'.  Image Netflix

‘Stranger Things’.Image Netflix


Getting a chip implanted in the brain that makes sure you don’t remember anything about your life outside the office and vice versa? It sounds appealing, but Severance shows that things quickly go wrong. Not your average series, but bizarre and sympathetically weird. And also a series that offers much food for thought. And those are often the best.

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'Severance' Picture AppleTV+

‘severance’Picture AppleTV+

Winning Time

Drama and sports, it is not always a successful marriage. Winning Time fortunately there is an exception to this. The series about the LA Lakers and their heyday in the 80s neatly ticks all the boxes that make a sports series good. Thanks in particular to the actors who effortlessly take on the role of basketball heroes such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson.

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Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty.  Image Streamz

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty.Image Streamz

We Own This City

All Breaking Bads and The Sopranos in spite of that, there can only be one series the best ever and that remains the unsurpassed for us The Wire. With the true event We Own This City show David Simon and co. that they still can. The series about extreme police brutality and corruption in Baltimore is a stinging indictment of everything that goes wrong in the city. Twenty years after The Wire Baltimore appears to be no better off.

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'We Own This City' Image Reporters / Splash

‘We Own This City’Image Reporters / Splash

The Dropout

Hyped at first, then mercilessly drilled into the ground: this spring we received a few series about glitzy start-ups that turned out to be mainly a shiny empty box. The Dropout tells the story of Elizabeth Holmes and her biotech company Theranos. In 2015, the company was worth $9 billion. Three years later, everything had collapsed. A great series, which is also a wise lesson for all entrepreneurs who dream of conquering the world with their start-up.

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  'The Dropout'.  Image Disney

‘The Dropout’.Image Disney

The Staircase

We have been bombarded with true crime documentaries in recent years, but not one got under our skin like The Staircase† The mysterious death of Katleen Peterson and the hidden sides of her husband Michael Peterson made for mind-boggling television. The documentary has now been given a handsome fictional version, with Colin Firth in the lead role and an unknown Flemish actor in a remarkable supporting role.

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'The Staircase' Image AP

‘The Staircase’Image AP

Tokyo Vice

Is he really going to do a Japanese version of Miami Vice to make? We frowned when we heard that Michael Mann Tokyo Vice had made. Fortunately, the new crime series resembles the 80s classic in name only. The series is based on the unlikely experiences of a Western crime reporter at the Japanese newspaper. Yomiuri Shimbun and you effortlessly recognize the master’s hand in it.

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Ansel Elgort and opponent Hideaki Ito in 'Tokyo Vice'.  Image HBO

Ansel Elgort and opponent Hideaki Ito in ‘Tokyo Vice’.Image HBO


Apple TV+ got off to a shaky start in terms of the quality of its series, but is now booming, including with Severance (see above), but also with pachinko, a visually intriguing chunk of K-drama about the lives of four generations of Korean immigrants in Japan. On the surface, the series is just as sweet as the other creations in this genre (you will find them frequently on Netflix), but they lack pachinko‘s brutal seriousness and kaleidoscopic dimensions. pachinko is finally a morzel K-drama tailored for adult viewers and one of this year’s revelations.

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Minha Kim and Eunchae Jung in 'Pachinko'.  Image Apple

Minha Kim and Eunchae Jung in ‘Pachinko’.Image Apple


After four seasons, this spring was finally ended Ozark† The series started five years ago as a carbon copy of Breaking Badbut gradually the crime drama unfolded has become one of the better series – and audience favorite – on Netflix. Just like in Breaking Bad Bookkeeper-cum-money launderer Marte Bryde and his family sank deeper and deeper into a pool of moral ruin, but Ozark takes a few of its own, unexpected, earth-dark paths.

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After Life

What if the love of your life is taken from you? You can be like Tony, Ricky Gervais’ character in After Life, no longer see the usefulness of life and cynically comment on everything and everyone. It makes for a lot of funny moments, though After Life much more than that. Especially if Tony slowly but surely opens up to life again and sees its meaning. Just not soggy, but enough for wet flies in the eye. After three seasons, this series is also over, but the impact remains. For many viewers it turns out After Life to work therapeutically.

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'After Life' Image Netflix

‘After Life’Image Netflix