Viewers Mass is Kassa in a dent for ‘monster walking tour’ Peter Gillis

Peter Gillis and his Nicol know the many viewers of reality program Mass is cashier to surprise you in one way or another. Also last night in the final episode of the TV season on SBS6. Holiday parks millionaire Gillis delivered an exhausting performance of size.

What is called: he walked 5 kilometers! His “monster walking tour” was widely discussed on social media. Viewers were blown away or were simply amazed by such a trip that the average Dutch person completes whistling in an hour.

After Nicol, Peter Gillis now surprises

The young girlfriend of the now 60-year-old Peter Gillis is loved by the fans of Mass is cashier usually the most discussed (we say it kindly). Then again because she does yoga or a dance class with her tiny dog ​​Coco. Another time because she was… at work. Last night, however, the man from the holiday parks was the protagonist. For weeks there was already looking ahead: Peter Gillis would take part in a walking tour. A tour of 5 whole kilometers, organized in Venray.

New Peter in Massa is Cashier

Now his new hiking life has a serious undertone. Peter Gillis not long ago weighed well over 120 kilos. At the end of March he ended up in hospital. Gillis was taken to a hospital with a heart rate of 30. His absurd diet turned out to be the cause and that was – after a lot of weight loss attempts – the definitive wake up-call. And that’s how viewers see Mass is cashier the born Brabanter has been exercising and eating sugar-free for some time now.

You can laugh out loud that such a simple hike is widely reported. But anyone who knows his old lifestyle can also say: he does it anyway. For his new sporting life, he preferred to walk zero than ten meters a day. And he stuffed an average of sixteen sausage rolls (and many more). With his walk, Peter Gillis also raised 1050 euros in sponsorship money for the Diabetes Fund.

Mass is Cashier Peter Gillis Nicol Kremers
Peter Gillis and Nicol. Photo: Talpa

‘Goodbye to hero Peter Gillis’

Voice-over Frank Lammers always knows what to do with the adventures of the television family. “In the always pleasant Venray, Peter Gillis will show that he can really walk,” he reported last night. “The local press has gone out en masse (one camera, ed.) to portray this top performance from A to Z. The fans are already saying goodbye to their hero. Because not everyone is convinced that he will survive. Five kilometers!”

Where everyone completes such a walking trip with a bottle of water at the most, friend Nikol went shopping there especially. She came home to her Peter with a backpack for water, with which Gillis could take water through a tube. A cap, sunscreen, sweatbands, a device to mist your face and even socks with toes (“I don’t want those”), she had thought of everything. The personal trainer of the ‘top athlete’ assisted him at the start, the whole family was present with flowers. Frank Lammers again after the start: “Twelve seconds after the start, all other participants are out of sight. Hopefully he’ll be in before dark.” And during the tour: „The first elderly have already crossed the finish line. With their walker.”

Long story short: Peter Gillis completed the 5 kilometers under loud applause. Sweaty and a little puffy, but still. His last meters were hilarious, because SBS6 had put a swelling string orchestra under it and slowed down the images.

Comments on walking tour

Back to Peter Gillis’ walking performance, because viewers found something – quite a lot – about it. A brief overview.

Mass is cashier Looking back? That’s possible here. The spring/summer season at SBS6 has now come to an end for Peter Gillis and his family.

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