Review: Sting sympathetic Bospop slightly off the lead (festival)

The month of July is the high mass for cycling believers and music disciples alike. As the Tour travels through France, we, live music fans, drag ourselves from festival to festival. This weekend the race led us to Weert, where Bospop could finally celebrate its 40th anniversary after two years of corona break. After two days, your reporter was forced to give up and took stock.

Photography Bert Treep

The Sphinx

True champions have a nickname, Merckx was ‘The Cannibal’, Armstrong ‘The Boss’. And which driver was also called ‘De Das’? Should Sting If he had been a cyclist, he would certainly have been nicknamed ‘The Sphinx’. The 70-year-old legend easily reaches a high level during his headliner set on Saturday night. The flexibility with which he works his way through his majestic oeuvre in an hour and a half will have led to envious glances at other acts on the bill. After all, they usually have to work much harder to reach the same level. What seems to be missing from Sting, however, is the passion and emotion that make the audience love someone. Now the Brit has never been the most warm stage personality, but this time he is very distant. The fact that he stays ahead of the rest of the Bospop acts with this performance with several bike lengths, on the other hand, speaks volumes about the man’s class.

Dear Team

Just before Sting makes his decisive attack, The dyke showed themselves the best team of this festival for an hour. It is that we know why De Dijk is going to stop, otherwise you would ask yourself: why, for heaven’s sake? How many bands in the Netherlands are so well attuned to each other, so generous towards each other and remained so level-headed, despite the many successes? Because successes; we hear that in abundance on this Saturday evening. Now that De Dijk is coming to an end, the realization grows about the impact this band has made on Dutch pop music. Songs like Nobody In TownIf she is not thereDancing on the volcanoWhen It Waves and Can the lights be turned offdo not only belong to the fans, but have become part of the musical heritage of the Netherlands. thanks guys, it was a big song.

Prize for the fighting spirit

Some acts have to work harder than others, we have just noticed. That certainly applies to Melissa Etheridge on fridaynight. She fiddles with her harmonica, she fiddles with her monitor, she looks grimly to the side of the stage: no, the start of the show is anything but smooth for the American. But she perseveres and gradually gets into her rhythm, after which she fully working class bravado works towards that inevitable climax: a 15 minute version of evergreen Like The Way I Do† Honorable mention in this category for the Limburgse Träcksäck, by accordionist Tren van Enckevort (Rowwen Hèze) and multi-instrumentalist Bart Storcken. They see their performance almost destroyed by persistent sound problems. After a short break, they can finally finish the ride. Persevere.

The Surprise

Rag’n’Bone Man tests positive for corona on Friday, causing Jett Rebel moves up a few spots in the program. Those who came for the poppy and funky version of Jett Rebel will be disappointed in the early evening on Friday. However, if you keep paying attention, you will see a great set full of steamy blues rock that is sometimes reminiscent of ZZ Top in terms of sound. Of course Jelte Tuinstra cannot ignore the hits from the past – tonite and Louise – but in all honesty these are the ones that stand out from the rest of the performance. Jett Rebel has reinvented itself once again and in a surprisingly tasty way.

The Disillusionment

Why White Lies still gets a big stage is a complete mystery to me. Their show at Bospop confirms that once again. With the exception of frontman Harry McVeigh, we see a totally worn-out band, who approach the performance like a couple of officials longing for the moment they can clock out. And then there is also someone who, as an ‘atmosphere-enhancing element’, has come up with the idea of ​​joining hit To Lose My Life injecting black confetti into the crowd. Then you ask for a lot of empathy from your audience.

Pedaleur de Charme

Amy Macdonald makes clear on Saturday why she still deserves a big podium. The Scottish singer-songwriter has drifted away from the folk pop for which she became famous and has developed a richer, more Springsteen-esque sound over the years. However, she has honored her sympathetic stage personality. She chats happily between the songs in that charming, but sometimes unintelligible Glaswegian accent, and thus winds Bospop in no time on her finger. Sting, are you paying attention?

The Broom Wagon

It was reserved for your reporter. After two days Bospop had to give up due to illness, even before the final stage started. Unfortunately, no third day of this sympathetic festival, which may have to try harder to remain interesting. Sting took this anniversary edition slightly off balance with its Ubiquity; no other big name on the program came close in stature to The Police’s figurehead. That could be different. But hey, that’s easy to talk about when you don’t even know how to reach the finish line…

Seen: 8 and 9 July 2022 at Bospop, Weert.

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