Popular music game Heardle unplayable in the Netherlands after Spotify takeover – this is how you can still play | Tech

The popular music game Heardle has suddenly become unplayable in the Netherlands, after it was bought by streaming service Spotify. We explain how you can still play the game.

At the beginning of this year, Heardle suddenly very popular. The music game is derived from the word game wordle† where you in wordle must guess a word within five moves, Heardle you to guess which song you hear a short sample of.

wordle was sold to the American newspaper The New York Times† A Dutch version of the game is here AD to play. Now is Heardle acquired by Spotify for an undisclosed amount. The game will be added to the Spotify app in due course.

Since the Spotify takeover, Heardle can still be played on the old website, but visits are limited to a handful of countries. It means that the game can no longer be played here in the Netherlands. Spotify probably doesn’t have the rights in order yet. The web version of the game was played through music on the Soundcloud website.

Bad news for those who tried to guess a song every day, although taking it offline in the Netherlands is probably temporary. Spotify’s music service is available here in the Netherlands and the company has the rights to almost all popular music, so it probably works Heardle here again once integrated into the app.

Until then, there are detours to continue playing.

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Option 1: Use a VPN Service

We have written about VPN services several times in the past. They allow you to mask your online traffic, so that you are safer on a public Wi-Fi network, for example.

An additional advantage is that many VPN services also allow you to connect to servers in other countries. Choose an American server and it will suddenly seem to websites as if you are visiting them from the United States – and then you can Heardle play as usual.

Option 2: switch to Hordle

Like wordle a Dutch variant called wordle has, there is also a Heardle-alternative made in our own country. Hordle is identical to the international game, but focuses only on Dutch-language hits.

So long Hordle is not bought by international tech giants, we suspect that the game will simply remain playable. And even if this variant is bought, it will definitely remain on the Dutch market. After all, few Americans want to guess which Jan Smit song they are listening to.