Mallory (31): ‘Sometimes I’m even estimated in my early twenties’ | Stories behind the news

Do you feel as young/old as you are?

“No, I got stuck somewhere in my twenties. I was twenty years old when I became pregnant with my first daughter. Of course, I really enjoyed young motherhood, but it also meant that I didn’t really have a childhood. Now that my daughters are now 11 and 4 years old, I finally have a little more breathing room. I can now enjoy all the festivals and nights out.”

Do you have a beauty secret?

“A lot, you can never have enough of beauty products! Good skin care is very important to me and I try to really delve into it. I go to the nail technician every three weeks and the beautician every six weeks. But my biggest beauty secret is really collagen powder. I can recommend it to every woman! Collagen is an important protein in the body. It gives structure and elasticity to your hair, nails, bones, muscles and joints. And not unimportant: it makes your skin firmer and more elastic. Around the age of 25, collagen production slows down and that causes fine lines to appear. I take collagen every day to slow down this aging process. Of course you can also opt for a botox treatment, but I think I am still too young for that. I try to postpone the process in this way.”

Do people estimate you at the right age?

“Never! By default, I’m asked for my ID, unless I’m with my children. Sometimes I am even estimated to be in my early twenties. It’s still nice to hear. I also do my best to look young for as long as possible. However, I do notice that people often think I’m a bit older, if they’ve known me for a while. This is probably partly due to the age of my daughters, but I think they also notice that I already have a bit more life experience. It was not easy being pregnant with my first child at the age of 20, but it has ensured that I have learned a lot.”

“Be the director of your own life.  Stay in control and make your own choices.”

“Be the director of your own life. Stay in control and make your own choices.”

What do you like best about yourself?

“My eyes, they are green and quite large. My lashes are also long and black, which makes my eyes pop even more. Other than that, I’m mostly satisfied with my interior. I am proud of who I am and how life has shaped me. I hope that I may eventually grow old as beautifully as my grandmother (76). She is confident, hip and still in the middle of life. I can really admire that.”

What are you less happy about?

“I gave birth to two beautiful daughters, but it has ensured that my belly has never been the same again. I strive for perfection and find myself comparing my body too much to everything I see on social media. Of course I know that these images are not realistic, but I would prefer to filter out my stretch marks for good. However, this does not mean that I no longer dare to go to the beach in a bikini. I lost 12 pounds three years ago. I’m proud of that! My body isn’t perfect, but I know I can be there.”

What do people compliment you on?

“Coincidentally, I was at a festival on Saturday and I received a very nice compliment from a passer-by. A girl approached me and said that I have a beautiful, symmetrical and expressive face. It was the first time I received this compliment, but I know it will stay with me for a long time.”

Are you where you wish you were?

“I think that is a very difficult question. How do you know in advance where you want to be? Life isn’t mapped out for you. It was never my dream to get pregnant for the first time when I was 20. I am also recently single again, making me a single mother of two children. It may not sound like the ideal situation, but I am happy. Of course, the recent divorce means I have yet to heal, but that doesn’t mean I’m dissatisfied with the way my life is now. I think the most important thing is that you try to enjoy every moment and that you don’t focus too much on the perfect picture. Your life can be turned upside down in just one minute.”

Do you have a life lesson?

“Be the director of your own life. Stay in control and make your own choices. Don’t be guided by the opinions of others, life is too short for that.

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