Daily Horoscope July 13 – Don’t take criticism of your work too seriously, Leo! † Horoscopes


Pluto, the ruler of your sex life, has been active in your horoscope for 20 years. He arranges your love life so that, for example, singles prefer to experiment in successive relationships than get a butter bill. Your desire to combine creativity and fun can hold back wedding plans.


With a little extra effort you will accomplish what is expected of you despite delay or loss of time. Control yourself if conversations with officials are difficult. If you just blurt something out, you are chasing the cat.


Money matters need attention. If you haven’t exceeded your budget, you can pay bills and start building a buffer. Irritation due to noise pollution, for example, can erupt.


Befriend unusual, interesting people. Someone can enthuse you for a special goal or project. At home, pay attention to practical matters. Get started despite any annoyances.


Emotions can confuse you, especially when it comes to love. Those wishing to have children may be disappointed and those who do not expect it may be surprised. Life is not always predictable.


Don’t take criticism of your work too seriously, rather let it inspire you. Don’t mess with someone who shows romantic feelings; you know you like to be admired. Manage your time better.


It can be a busy day, especially when dealing with an audience. However, do not exhaust yourself because that will give you a headache. It can be a pleasurable experience to see a daring investment begin to pay off.


Be aware of delays. Mistakes that are not your fault can cost you quite a bit of time. Do not take any legal action. In the workplace you can be assigned the role of referee. Try to play it fair.


Memories can evoke painful emotions. If necessary, talk to a psychologist about it. A problem with a family member can really bother you. Don’t let a new love turn your life upside down.


It may take more effort than usual to suppress emotions. Try to see yourself as others see you and then you can reconsider certain reactions. With the support of helpful people you can get a lot done.


Look to the future and make long-term plans. Don’t spend too much time in details too soon; first draw the big line. Trying something new with your savings is more lucrative than sticking to a routine.


The result you aim for is only achievable with hard work. Don’t scrape anything. Don’t take unnecessary risks when you exercise; you are now injury prone. Children cost a lot of money; tell me if you can’t afford something.


At home, friction arises when you try to get around tasks or duties. The reason why you do or have not done something may be less clear to someone else than to yourself. Explain or apologize.

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