Pubs, the best invention since festivals. We have a lot of them at our festival and you will find them brotherly side-by-side in the brand new Kroegenstraat: your favorite pub can be found next to a series of brand new bars.

NEW: Special beer café ‘Tied veur Grolsch’

The best thing about drinking beer is that it is so much fun. Agenda out the window, phone on silent, don’t worry about your head and invest time in your comrades again. Telling a strong story, telling a joke and getting rounds. At Special Beer Café ‘Tied veur Grolsch’, our Grolsch comrades are fully committed to getting together: pull up a chair at the gigantic regulars table outside on the terrace and keep the conversation going by discussing the tantalizing statements on the beer coasters. Cheers!

NEW: The Bedside Table from EasyToys

Full of optimism, De Zwarte Cross fights against patronizing, distrust and pretensions. We stand for freedom, exuberance, humor and conviviality. EasyToys wants to encourage as many people as possible to discover, experiment and enjoy themselves, both with others and with themselves. They believe that you should be proud of who you are and that taboos are there to be broken. The Nightstand is the result of our date with EasyToys.

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NEW: Starbucks Ice Coffee Bar

Do you get overheated by the breathtaking view from the Ferris wheel or does the goodbye to Aunt Rikie feel a bit harder than you thought? Then come and cool off in the Kroegenstraat with an incredibly tasty iced coffee from Starbucks at the iced coffee bar. Just reset your brain with a brain freeze: really a moment for yourself. After that you can continue the (pub) crawl!

RENEWED: Café Harder!

You know that feeling? You step into a pub and you feel: this is perfect. With a nice rock ‘n roll soundtrack over the speakers, band stickers 10 layers thick on the toilet walls and a floor where so much gunk has been kicked in that a new life form can arise.

It is exactly that vibe that gives us the creeps. Café Harder is together with the Roeg and our comrade DJ de Rooie Jager! transformed this year into a mega cosy, rough rock café. Roeg Moto Co. is a motorcycle clothing and accessory brand with a love for the past: the solid and simply very beautiful shirts, sweaters, motorcycle helmets and gloves have a vintage look.

Fits perfectly with the Zwarte Cross and Café Harder! in particular. DJ de Rooie Jager is a friend of our festival and he is an elusive cult DJ with a record cabinet full of old punk, hard rock, soul and pirate hits. He invites befriended bands and DJs to perform in Café Harder!. Together we have captured the elusive atmosphere of a cool (punk) rock ‘n roll bar to bring it to the festival grounds of the Zwarte Cross. With on Friday among others the punk rock sensation Stiff Richards from Australia, on Saturday among others Cloudsurfers, the very best Dutch band of the moment and on Sunday among others The Spades, the legendary gajes band from the slums of Eindhoven that has come back to life.

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Cafe de Schans

A little bit of talking with your mates (m/f) in the pub. You know it of course. Beer on tap, chat with the landlord, old boys currant bread, Dutch classics blaring through the radio, regulars on the stool, the prize cabinet on the wall, always the same one who at the end of the evening is already rumbling with his head drooling on the bar…

Actually, the atmosphere in Stamcafé De Schans is exactly the same. Just old-fashioned fun, like in the village. Thuus bowls in the Kroegenstraat!

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Gay cafe De Kast

Come out! That’s the slogan of our gay bar. Orientation is suddenly nice and relative in the midst of this festivity. He Ho Le Bi; everyone is welcome to celebrate human diversity.

And believe us: they are diverse at the Zwarte Cross. So let yourself go to the wrong disco beats and have a dance with one of our extravagant drag queens on stage! Rikie: “I’m suddenly here with cat Bi!”

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