Enough cringe-inducing moments in ‘B&B Full of love’

“Don’t do it, Hayriye!” you want to shout at the screen. “Run while you still can!” But Hayriye can’t hear you because she’s on a TV show. In the second season of B&B Full of Love (RTL4) The woman tries to start something beautiful with ‘Hanking Hans’ in Tuscany, but he turns out to be a domineering boss who can hardly hide his impatience to subject her sexually and otherwise. At the first meal together, she is already on her head because she cuts the spaghetti.

B&B Full Love is RTL’s answer to Farmer seeks wife† Actually, the main ingredients of this RTL program were simply copied from the hit of the public broadcaster. As far as viewing figures are concerned, it is not yet a competitor: BZV has at least three times as many viewers. Now that farmers are mainly in the news with their terror against politicians and supermarkets, the shine of Farmer seeks wife from it. Since presenter Yvon Jaspers was exposed as an agricultural lobbyist, the peasant romance she sold had already become unbelievable.

Breathtaking landscapes

B&B is a refreshing new alternative. The advantage is that you are always looking at breathtaking landscapes, instead of the boring flat fields in BOD. The RTL program is not aimed at farmers, but at Dutch owners of small guest houses abroad. This also links in with popular B&B programs such as Bed and breakfastChateau Meiland (Mondays, repeats), and the good NPO version thereof, Castle Lady Emmy (Tuesday). Exactly the same as with BZV is that a few bachelors are given potential suitors to stay from which they have to choose. For example, the program will have a competition element with love as the main prize. The B&B owners are usually already settled abroad. But they still lack a partner at their side, who can be immediately deployed in the company. Just like in BZV, this creates extra tension: there is no such thing as casual dating, the chosen one must immediately become the smoothly inserting partner in bed and company.

The relationships begin with a major disparity: the owner chooses from several candidates, placing him above them. The candidates are expected to emigrate and completely immerse themselves in the lives of the singles. And there are cameras everywhere. Enough reasons to fail the pairing attempts. In the first season, only one B&B owner left a partner in the program. At BZV, usually only the farmers are hordes that are difficult to place. At B&B you can also find them among the candidates. It seems that RTL deliberately stops a few serious mismatches.

irritating traits

It’s much more fun when the sleepover goes smoothly, the irritating traits of the candidates quickly surface, and it gets very embarrassing. It remains Cringe Reality. For the cringe-inducing moments, we can count on Astrid and Alex in Austria in this first episode. The first cup of coffee is already difficult. Alex is running too fast and Astrid is getting scared of Spanish, which Alex doesn’t notice at all. Wonderfully uncomfortable.

The fact that the pairing fails does not have to be a disaster. Either way, the TV show is good for the guest houses that participate. Impossible Jacob from the first season, who has all the guests against him, says that his B&B is going very well thanks to the program. From July 15, he will get his own reality show on Videoland: The True Jacob