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TVNewcomer and hostess Fien Germijns has fully adapted as the presenter of ‘Switch’. Now just to launch the new batch of candidates from the third week and all is well. The twenties and thirties continue to hold the reins. Philippe, over fifty, has the difficult task of proving that slightly less young quiz candidates can bite the bullet.

Emilia Selis – 23 years old, from Deerlij

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Studies history in Leuven. Her favorite historical figure is Barack Obama.

Has a relationship with Ruben since October. Got to know each other at a chiro party. Has been in chiro for 15 years. Comes from a Scout family.

Her dream is to open a bookshop in New York.

Jens De Maere – 30 years old, from Gentbrugge

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Is a lawyer specialized in intellectual property law. Provides legal advice on patents and trademarks.

Has been together with Lieselotte for 7 years. They met on Tinder. His opening line: “’Home’s or ‘Family’?”

Likes to cycle. Twice a year he goes on a cycling weekend with friends.

Patricia Roels – 30 years old, from Wetteren

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Is a teacher in the 3rd secondary. Teaches French, English and communication sciences.

Is married to Joost. They have two daughters together: Lucy and Mila. Got to know each other in the scouts, at the Vossers.

Dream job is a stylist. Has her own Instagram account where she posts pictures of herself with her outfits.

Tries to play drums in her spare time.

Philippe Demeyere – 54 years, from Zulte

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Runs a decorative plumbing company with a good friend.

Married to Charlotte. Has 5 children: Anthony, Lucas, Charles, Hanne and Andreas.

Is he not a supporter of Zulte Waregem, but of KV Kortrijk.

Stijn Meerschaert – 28 years old, from Hasselt

Stijn Meerschaert, switch week 3
Stijn Meerschaert, switch week 3 © One

Works as a center coordinator for a sports center. Is responsible for the sports halls, the swimming pool, the lifeguards and the cleaning schedule.

Is with Brenda. Calls her his Brenda Bear. Got to know each other at his previous job. Was a zookeeper in a nature center in Opglabbeek where Brenda was a volunteer.

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