Michelle: “Another internet subscription saves almost €500 a year”

Michelle pays a lot every month for internet and TV. She decides to look for cheaper alternatives. Is there really that much to save with a different internet subscription?

Every month I receive an invoice of € 78 from Ziggo. Annually this amounts to an amount of € 936. This is mainly due to the speed of the internet that we have chosen. 600 Mb/ps, which is quite a bit. With two entrepreneurs who both often work from home, fast and good internet is very important to us. But I doubt whether that 600 megabits per second will be achieved, because we do not have a fiber optic connection. When I do a speed test I get 30 mb/ps. Hmm, that’s something different than 600! Will my internet slow down if I opt for a cheaper internet subscription with a lower speed or will it stay around 30 mb/ps? I’m trying to find something about that on the internet, but I don’t really get a clear answer.

Compare the internet plan

First let’s see how much it would save me in price if I chose a different internet subscription. That’s why I compare on Pricewise. For someone for whom ‘compare price’ and ‘save’ were not in the dictionary, this is quite a revelation, I must say. It turns out it’s not that complicated at all! I fill in what I need. In my case: internet and possibly also TV, I’m not quite sure about that yet. In addition, I enter where I live, so that I can see all available options for my address. super handy!

Four different providers appear. What I thought: currently I have the second most expensive package available in my region, the Max package from Ziggo. I could also opt for KPN, which would cost me €35 per month for the first year. That already saves me € 516 on an annual basis, in other words: equal to the amount I paid for three plane tickets to the Portuguese sun! After the first year, the costs go up again. Then we will still save € 306 annually. A lot of money!

Cheaper alternative

Fortunately, Pricewise also reflects what you get for this price. The price is lower, but you also get less for it. Instead of Ziggo’s 600 mb/ps, this alternative package gives us 50 mb/ps. Now it actually tells me very little about what this means in practice, but little as annoying as web pages that load slowly or sometimes not at all. With a notorious history of swearing tirades and flying phones, I know I’m far too impatient for that. I find an even better alternative from another party: 100 Mb/ps for € 47.50 per month – with a monthly discount of € 17.50 for the first six months. This would equate to $465 for the first year, or $471 less than what I’m paying now. And then I can also watch football, because there is also 1 ESPN channel.

And what does the man think?

I call my friend and brief him about my investigation. He immediately compliments me on my insights. Let me put it this way: money-saving research is not necessarily what he is used to from me. But he is a bit hesitant about switching: having his own online marketing agency would be very inconvenient for him with poor or no internet. Logical too. In that sense, staying with our current party is the safest choice – simply because we’ve had no issues with it so far. Apart from that invoice of course, because the price difference of almost € 500 is very large. I’ll dig into it a little further. I still want to check reviews and especially check whether the delivered speed is really being achieved. If all that is in order, we may just see a completely different invoice fall on the digital mat next month. Then I start thinking about what I’m going to do with the €500 that we save.

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