Day three of Bospop: The best for the last

After the not to be sneezed blues rock by the American group Goodbye June, an unadulterated blockbuster was already on the program for the Bospop audience on Sunday. As headliner at Moulin Blues, Robert Jon & The Wreck was no longer unknown in the Weerter region. And a full tent clapped that it was a delight at opening number “Baby, She’s Mine”† The southern influences of The Allman Brothers are unmistakably present and “Home Is Carolina” was a good example of that. Guitarist Henry James is the Lucky Luke of blues rock and plays faster than his shadow. The more than ten minute “Cold Night” should of course not be missing and ensured that the tent from front to back caused a whooping crowd.

Bospop 2022 – Sunday

Some call it country, others R&B, others think it’s easylistening pop. The British Yola could indeed not be pigeonholed. But it was certain that she could suddenly switch from a swooning tune to blissful uptempi, where her voice sounded like a fine-grained sanding block. Just that edge that makes the gravy.

Mario Goossens (Triggerfinger) and 77-year-old Cesar Zuiderwijk have entered into a collaboration under the name Sloper, which leaves you wanting more. They left the singing and the guitar work to two young dogs, the two of them provided a portion of unadulterated synchronized drumming, which radiated the joy of playing. Class!.

With his own old-fashioned wooden chair with Persian tablecloth for cushion, his countless homemade guitars and jeans that have been mended sixty times, it’s all part of the gimmick Seasick Steve developed after his discovery many years ago. This does not alter the fact that he understands the art of putting down a session with full dedication that sounds like clockwork. Phlegm everywhere.

Larkin Poe couldn’t be denied the latter either. On guitar and slide, the sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell real Southern power rock in combination with flawless close harmony. The energy and enthusiasm of the ladies was highly appreciated by the public, who today had no problem in often and rightly put their hands together.

Juanes provided the Caribbean note in the later afternoon program. Of course the summer hit came “La Camisa Negra” discussed, but he had more success with the staccato brought “Could you be loved” by Bob Marley.

Something good doesn’t necessarily have to come from far. Son Mieux proved that once again. In a short period of time this group has developed into a well-oiled machine with many show elements. When “Can’t Get Enough” is that reason for the fully packed tent to make it a big party without being asked. And singer and jump-in-the-field Camiel Meiresonne, supported by violinist/trumpet player Maud Akkermans, among others, kept stirring the audience up to unprecedented heights. To enjoy.

Bløf in Zeeland is well known. The now well-known repertoire was scattered over the meadow and everyone was satisfied with it. Fortunately, the late evening sun showed itself, because there was not much news. It seemed as if the group wanted to go back to home base, because at the end of their session there was still “Zoutelande” past

Walter Trout was back to normal, if we may say so after the misfortune that happened to him a few years ago. Powerful as always in both voice and guitar playing. He sang though “Say Goodbye To The Blues”but that will never be his credo as a blues fanatic.

The Prima Donna of the American life song Beth Hart was good as ever, but she has somewhat outgrown the festival circuit. Purely solo concerts are actually more her thing. Which doesn’t take away from the fact that she still made an impression with songs like “I Believe”“Leave the light on” and “I’d Rather Go Blind”. Professional!

Not only in name, but also in origin The Devon Allman Project is affiliated with the famous Allman Brothers of yesteryear. Swinging from start to finish and that enthusiasm spilled over into the tent. On the number “I’ll Be Around” by the Spinners became plenty of singing and dancing.

What the future of Kensington will be is still a little bit of coffee grounds. Eloi Youssef, the current singer, is going to leave the group and it could just be that this also leaves the path of bombastic music. But it wasn’t that far yet and the closing act of Bospop 2022 played as we are used to from the group.

There are in this 40e edition has been a lot of highlights and day three was of high quality in its entirety, but De Dijk’s performance on Saturday will always be known as a historic moment.

text: Jan Lormans
Photos: Johan Horst

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