Overview: new movies and series on Netflix

This weekend…

The Longest Night (Friday 08/07, Netflix) Thriller series from Spain in which criminals try to free a dangerous murderer from prison. The Director (Alberto Ammann from Narcos) fight back. Watch the trailer.

Capitani S02 (Friday 08/07, Netflix) Crime series from Luxembourg about Luc Capitani (Luc Schiltz). The second season picks up three years later and shows the detective infiltrating a dark underworld. Read more here.

Boo, Bitch (Friday 08/07, Netflix) Comedy series with Lana Condor, known for the To All the Boysmovies. She plays a teenager who wants to change her life, but then discovers that she has become a ghost. Read the review.

How to Build a Sex Room (Friday 08/07, Netflix) Show in which couples who want to spice up their sex life enlist the help of interior designer Melanie Rose, who designs a special space for them. Read the review.

The Sea Beast (Friday 08/07, Netflix) Animated film by one of the directors of moana (also known as moana), in which a monster hunter (Karl Urban) finds a young stowaway (Zaris-Angel Hator) on his ship. Read the review.

Dangerous Liaisons (Friday 08/07, Netflix) Modern film adaptation of the French novel, about a young woman who falls for a classmate, but is unaware that she is also part of a daring bet. Read the review.

Incantation (Friday 08/07, Netflix) Chinese horror film about a woman who was cursed six years ago after breaking a religious taboo. She must protect her young daughter from the consequences of her actions.

Jewel (Friday 08/07, Netflix) African drama in which a photographer falls for a local woman during the commemoration of a massacre. Their romance brings back painful memories of their shared past.

Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls (Friday 08/07, Netflix) Interactive special from Bear Grylls, in which the wildlife expert now braves the Serbian wilderness with actor Ranveer Singh to find a very rare flower.

After the weekend…

Valley of the Dead (Monday, 7/11, Netflix) Spanish horror film about soldiers who fight against each other during the civil war, but then suddenly have to compete against zombies created by a Nazi experiment.

For Jojo (Monday 11/07, Netflix) German drama film in which Paula experiences wild (dating) adventures in Berlin, together with her best friend Jojo. However, when Jojo wants to get married, Paula does everything she can to stop her marriage.

Better Call Saul S06B (Tuesday 12/07, Netflix) Weekly episodes of the final season of the spin-off of Breaking Bad† What happens to Saul Goodman and Kim Wexler after their unexpected reunion with Lalo Salamanca?

Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks (Tuesday 12/07, Netflix) Bill Burr’s fourth Netflix special, who recently released the special Friends Who Kill presented. The comedian gives his frank opinion about cancel culture and feminism, among other things.

How to Change your Mind (Tuesday 12/07, Netflix) Documentary series by producer Alex Gibney and author Michael Pollan, about the history and use of psychedelics, with a focus on drugs such as LSD, MDMA and mescaline.

My Daughter’s Killer (Tuesday 12/07, Netflix) Documentary from the true-crime genre about a father who fights for years in France and Germany to put his daughter’s murderer behind bars and has to make a choice.

Big Timber S02 (Wednesday 13/07, Netflix) Canadian reality series in which a lumberjack and his very loyal team cut and transport valuable wood on Vancouver Island. They take on the elements and encounter difficult material.

Hurts like Hell (Wednesday 13/07, Netflix) Documentary from Thailand about the demise of the once highly respected sport of boxing there. The sport has since become a seedy circuit full of illegal gambling and match fixing.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Wednesday 07/13, Netflix) Korean court series about a young but very intelligent lawyer, who, as a woman with autism, faces all kinds of challenges when she starts working for a large firm.

Sintonia S03 (Wednesday 13/07, Netflix) Brazilian coming-of-age series about three young people growing up in a slum in São Paulo, characterized by music, drugs and religion. They all try to realize their dreams.

Under the Amalfi Sun (Wednesday 13/07, Netflix) Romantic comedy film from Italy about Vincenzo and Camilla, who meet each other after a previous romance on the Amalfi Coast, where their love is tested again.

D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?! (Wednesday 13/07, Netflix) Documentary about the mystery surrounding a hijacker who disappeared in 1971 after jumping from a plane with a bag of money. His true identity is still a huge mystery.

Never Stop Dreaming: The Life and Legacy of Shimon Peres (Wednesday 07/13, Netflix) Documentary film about the Israeli politician Shimon Peres, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the 1990s.

Resident Evil (Thurs 14/07, Netflix) Horror series (loosely) based on the Capcom video games, in which Jade Wesker must survive in the year 2036 in a world overrun by mutated monsters. Watch the trailer.

Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (Thurs 14/07, Netflix) Animated series that serves as a sequel to the film series. Panda Po (Jack Black) and a British companion (Rita Ora) must stop a new threat. Watch the trailer.

Purchased films, specials and documentaries (subject to change)…

Blockbuster (Saturday 09/07, Netflix) Spanish film comedy about an actor who feels old and out of place, but then encounters a young man who dreams of becoming a director.

La pelle dell’orso (Saturday 09/07, Netflix) Italian adventure film about a father who wants to develop a closer relationship with his son and go hunting with him in the woods for a bear.

Isolerad (Sunday 10/07, Netflix) Swedish thriller film in which a medical student discovers that something is wrong in his apartment complex. Peter Stormare (fargo) plays a supporting role.

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