Freek de Jonge has done it all with a tweet at Rolling Stones

A tweet by Freek de Jonge at the Rolling Stones concert, intended as a ‘joke’, did not turn out so well, to say the least. De Jonge saw last night that a man was wheeled into the Johan Cruijff ArenA in a bed. And he thought of something. Today, the comedian reacted to the fuss.

‘Someone who doesn’t feel like getting out of bed for The Rolling Stones’, invented Freek de Jonge when he watched the scene from the stands.

Last wish sick man at The Rolling Stones

A joke that you might make with such an image, but the story behind the man in the bed also makes it poignant at the same time. Funny was singer Mick Jagger himself. The world-famous star contracted a corona infection last month, as a result of which the concert in the Ajax stadium was canceled when there was already an audience inside. A certain Corry then shouted for the SBS6 camera that it would be better to go to the always healthy Frans Bauer in the future. That’s what Jagger came up with on stage last night.

But then Freek de Jonge and his ‘joke’. Radio DJ Giel Beelen pointed him out in a reaction to the fact that De Jonge is talking about a terminally ill man. The 69-year-old fan from Leiden had the last wish to see The Rolling Stones. The Ambulance Wish Foundation already wanted to fulfill it during the canceled Rolling Stones performance, but last night the wish came true. Freek de Jonge could have thought twice about the bed at the concert when he tweeted, but apparently he didn’t. And so posted his “funny caption.”

Also likes for Freek de Jonge

Freek de Jonge has done it all with other twitterers. ‘So cowardly’, ‘this is really not possible’, ‘what was going on in your head’?’, everything passes by. But not only that. Until this morning, De Jonge received 492 likes on his message about the sick man at The Rolling Stones. However, there are even more comments, 613 at the time of writing to be exact. Its lyrics are not nice. And Freek de Jonge? He realized that many people did not like his tweet. And he responded as follows (with even more reactions):

Extra reaction Freek de Jonge

Freek de Jonge has again responded today to the fuss that arose after his tweet from last night. “The joke turns against the comedian,” he now reports. “Did I want to ridicule a terminal patient? Did I want to comment on the fulfillment of last wishes? No, I wanted to be fun in anticipation. Provide this unforgettable evening with a cheerful side note. It was not my intention to hurt people.”

One Henny previously summarized it as follows: „You apparently think it is a successful joke. If you don’t understand that many feel hurt by this, it also says something about your social antenna. Level Frank!” But this also sounds: “The selective indignation about a mediocre joke by Freek de Jonge is really bizarre and completely disproportionate.”

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Freek de Jonge has done it all with a tweet about a man in bed at The Rolling Stones