5 cool movies and series on Netflix that came out last week (27)

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The first black Saturday is a fact and so it is time for a life preserver for those affected. Like every week, we have selected five new movies and series that appeared on Netflix last week.

And that’s a welcome distraction when you’re stuck on the Route du Soleil. Especially if you end up in such a horror traffic jam, where people around you get out of the car, chat with each other and look around in dismay. Then there is only one thing to do: open the Netflix app on your smartphone or tablet and lose yourself in one of the new Netflix releases.

New movies and series on Netflix in week 27

In week 27, a number of tasty Netflix Originals appeared to stream. In addition to films and series, there is also an Original Anime.

1. The King of Stonks (Original Series)

We kick off the list of films and series with an entertaining German production. Making money fast, beautiful cars, bizarre parties and the occasional line of coke. That can only be about one thing: the financial world. So much for the positive aspects. The world is also characterized by narcissism, megalomania and double standards. The King of Stonks is a German miniseries that offers us a comedic look behind the scenes.

2. The Longest Night (Original Series)

As a father with young children, all nights are long. Or short, but depending on how you look at it. The Longest Night tells a slightly different story. A group of gunmen invade a psychiatric prison and set out to grab a serial killer. The prison director thinks otherwise and tries to put a stop to it. This Spanish series is full of violence and gore† a wonderful road viewer that should not be missing in the list of films and series.

3. How To Build a Sex Room (Original Reality)

Netflix continuously makes original movies and series. How To Build a Sex Room is no exception. This Netflix documentary tells of a savvy interior designer in Britain who discovered a gap in the market: designing sex rooms. No dirty finishing lofts, but stylishly furnished spaces where couples (or groups) discover their deepest fantasies. How To Build a Sex Room shows the special wishes of customers and shows us how such a unique room is created. A must for the passionate viewer.

4. Girl in the Picture (Original Documentary)

We continue the list of movies and series with another Netflix documentary: The Girl in the Picture† A young woman is found lifeless by the side of the road. Subsequently, her son is placed in a foster family. As if all this wasn’t tragic enough, the little boy is kidnapped by the woman’s biological father. This man turns out to be no stranger to the police and has been on the run for 20 years. A cesspool of tragedy opens up in this chilling documentary in which the makers look for answers. Who was this mysterious woman anyway; the young girl in the picture?

5. Uncle from Another World (Original Anime)

For lovers this week also a wonderful anime series in the list of new films and series. After 17 years, Takafumi’s uncle suddenly wakes up from a coma. This uncle is a special man, because he suddenly speaks an unknown language and has magical powers. That is quite different from the standard uncle who can drink a beer upside down.

Curious about the movies and series that appeared on Netflix last week? View the list of Netflix releases in week 26 here.

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5 cool movies and series on Netflix that came out last week