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Fans of the Netflix hit series Stranger Things recently discovered that the phone number on a van in the series actually works. When they called the number of pizzeria Surfer Boy Pizza, they received a message from the character Argyle. Series and movies often play such a joke, but sometimes fans get on the phone with an unsuspecting person. We list the most striking real telephone numbers in series and films.

Squid Game (2021)

In another Netflix megahit, the South Korean squid game, a man hands out business cards with an eight-digit phone number. Anyone who wants to participate in the deadly survival game that the series revolves around can reach him at this number.

A Korean businesswoman with the same phone number was called day and night after the series was launched and said she could not live a normal life anymore. She told MBC TV channel she got about 4,000 calls a day from people saying they “want to be in the game too.”

Changing the number turned out to be not that easy, the woman has been using the number for ten years and it is linked to her company. She had to take sleeping pills to “deal with the stressful situation”, but luckily for her, Netflix has since adjusted the phone number in the series.

Don’t Look Up (2021)

Leonardo DiCaprio And Jennifer Lawrence To Play Astronomers In The Movie Don’t Look Up. They try to warn the world of a giant comet that is going to destroy the Earth. During one scene, Randall Mindy, played by DiCaprio, calls on Americans to call 1-800-532-4500 if they’re seeking “peace of mind,” knowing that an asteroid is hurtling toward Earth.

Curious viewers who tried the song were told a tape of a sex line, reports people† It’s not clear whether the film’s makers chose this phone number on purpose, or whether it was intended as a joke.

The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020)

In a teaser of the horror movie The Haunting of Bly Manor streaming service Netflix showed a newspaper ad with a vacancy for a nanny.

Anyone who called the number was greeted by a voicemail recorded by the children of the Wingrave family, the main characters in the film, who say their uncle will be interviewing for the babysitting job in five days.

Ghostbusters (2016)

The makers of the all female Ghostbustersmovie from 2016 also used a phone number as a marketing trick: callers got an overbooked Ghostbustershotline when they called the number on the announcement posters. Those who suffered from ghosts received a few useful tips.

“Due to the significant increase in paranormal activity, we are unable to answer your call,” the hotline’s voicemail said. “If you’ve experienced strange noises or feelings of fear, just ignore them and hope they go away. If you are bothered by floating people, open a window or turn on a fan.”

Bruce Almighty (2003)

Jim Carrey calls to play Bruce Nolan in the movie Bruce Almighty with the number 776-2323 when he wants to speak to none other than God, who is played by Morgan Freeman. The number was not used in Buffalo, where the film is set, but Americans in other parts of the country did receive hundreds of calls from viewers who also wanted to chat with God.

In Sanford, North Carolina, it even turned out to be the phone number of a local church. It didn’t end completely in a fizzle: the film company was sued by a woman who was called dozens of times a day by viewers and could not appreciate the joke, CBS reported. When the film was released on DVD, the number was changed to 555-0123.

Nowadays most phone numbers in (American) series and movies start with 555. These are non-existent numbers, so people will no longer be called flat by fans that are too enthusiastic.

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