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MovieThe American actor Tom Hanks (65) crawled for years in the skin of the ‘Toy Story’ character Woody. In the new animated film ‘Lightyear’, however, the cowboy is not featured, but is the leading role for the space traveler Buzz Lightyear. That voice was voiced for years by actor Tim Allen (69), until now.

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The animation film ‘Lightyear’ has recently been released in cinemas. Chris Evans provides the character Buzz Lightyear with a voice in it. And that takes some getting used to for the fans, because in the ‘Toy Story’ films Lightyear was always played by Tim Allen. Also for Tom Hanks, who provided cowboy Woody with a voice for years. He tells this in an interview with CinemaBlend, in response to his new film ‘Elvis’. “I actually wanted to go up against Tim Allen, but then I found out that Tim isn’t taking on the part of Buzz. I don’t understand that well,” the actor said. By this he meant that with his film ‘Elvis’ he would normally have entered direct competition with his ex-colleague, if he had played a part in the new animation film.

Tim himself already responded to the fuss in an interview with ‘Extra’, and didn’t seem to mind the change. “I spoke the voice of a toy, Evans that of an animated person.” He also shared that the main creative souls of ‘Lightyear’ did not participate in ‘Toy Story’. This time there were other people at the wheel. “Because there really is no ‘Toy Stories’ – Buzz without Woody,” Allen told CNN.

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The story

The animation film ‘Lightyear’ starts with a direct link to the ‘Toy Story’ films. At the beginning of the film, the viewer discovers that this is the film that Andy used to see. This made the boy a big fan of Buzz Lightyear and for that reason added the space traveler to his toy collection.

The film tells the origin story of astronaut Buzz Lightyear in search of a habitable planet. Buzz takes viewers on a space journey that will help them get to know the popular “Toy Story” character better.

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