The six summer guests of this season in a row

Portrait of presenter Janine Abbring in the setting of VPRO’s live interview program Zomergasten.Image ANP Kippa

Psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk (79) concludes Zomergasten this season. Known by some specialists in the Netherlands, praised abroad in many countries. Van der Kolk is a professor at Boston University School of Medicine and president of the Trauma Research Foundation.

As one of the global specialists in the field of trauma and post-traumatic stress, Van der Kolk takes the viewer on a journey through the human body this evening. His roadmap goes beyond just the mind, for a better understanding of trauma and stress also requires studying the body. “Head and body are much more connected than is accepted in standard mental health,” he told NRC last year.


Van der Kolk researches the use of psychedelics and MDMA for the treatment of trauma and studies innovative forms of therapy, such as yoga, theatre, song and dance. What can the viewer expect from the man who has had traumatized people on the sofa since the Vietnam War?

“Movies are often more expressive than books because trauma is not about words but about reactions and feelings. Films make the complexity of how people interact with each other tangible.” But Van der Kolk is also introspective: he takes a close look at himself. “The attack is a film that helped me better understand my childhood.” This final piece of Zomergasten 2022 is therefore one to note: August 28.

The other four guests in a row (in order of attendance):

1. Humberto Tan

This season of Summer guests kicks off with Humberto Tan (56), self-proclaimed ‘television glutton’. From Studio Sports to his own talk show, Tan is at home in all markets. In 2016 he received the Sonja Barend Award for the best interview of the year: he talked to a group of friends who survived the terrorist attack in the Bataclan concert hall in Paris. on July 24 shows Tan his ideal TV evening.

Humberto Tan Statue Brunopress

Humberto TanImage Brunopress

2. Sandra Phlippen

Economist and sociologist Sandra Phlippen is the second guest to join Abbring. She is chief economist at ABN Amro and has a guest appointment at the Erasmus School of Economics. In addition, she regularly joins Buitenhofwhere she sheds light on economic developments.

Viewers can expect a classic Summer Guest Evening: “Coming from a family of arthouse movie buffs, the invitation to Summer guests an almost sacred moment for me,” says Phlippen in her announcement. What does she want to give in her three hours?

“A new perspective on prosperity in which climate and well-being are central is a guiding principle in my film evening. I want to protect the viewer from fatalism and show the opportunities that hopefully spur activism and entrepreneurship.” July 31 is the word to Phlippen.

Sandra Phlippen Statue GUUS SCHOONEWILLE

Sandra PhlippenImage GUUS SCHOONWILLE

3. Derk Sauer

For the readers of The Parool he is well known: Derk Sauer (69) has been writing columns for the newspaper for 33 years. Sauer built a media company in Russia after the fall of the Iron Curtain with titles like The Moscow Times and Playboy. Earlier this year Sauer had to leave Russia because of the war and he has been working in the Netherlands ever since.

“I want to show my disgust at the Putin regime but also my love for Russia through images of Russian filmmakers.” Does he go for classics like Eisenstein or contemporary avant garde? Or does he analyze the rise of Putin’s ideology on the basis of nationalist blockbusters of recent years?

Business was not always Sauer’s interest: as an 18-year-old he joined the IRA in Belfast and in his early days he was involved in the Socialist Party, a splinter Maoist movement at the time. Can Abbring get rid of what moves Sauer? August 7 you see the answer.

Derk Sauer Image VPRO Summer guests

Derk SauerImage VPRO Summer guests

4. Sweet Marsman

The youngest guest this year is poet and writer Lieke Marsman (31). Born in 1990, she is seen as one of the iconic poets of her generation. Her debut What I like to tell myself was praised. Marsman, who is also Poet Laureate, was diagnosed with a rare form of cartilage cancer in 2017. She wrote the collections about this. The next scan will take five minutes and in my basket

Since last year she has known that the cancer is incurable, a subject she cannot ignore during the evening. What is she going to talk to Abbring about? “About all the different phases you go through when you hear that you don’t have long to live. From denial to endless reading scientific articles to developing mystical and religious feelings.” August 14 it’s Marsman’s turn.

Lieke Marsman Statue Merlin Doomernik

Dear MarsmanStatue Merlin Doomernik

5. Raven of Thirst

Musician and television presenter Raven van Dorst (37) is the fifth summer guest of this season. Van Dorst is known for being eccentric and headstrong: Raven’s evening is therefore an ode ‘to the loner and the rebel’.

“To people who have made the world a lot more colorful and free and who have also inspired me in one way or another. By explicitly being themselves, by standing up for their ideals, or by simply being bloody irritating and contrarian. We are going to embrace and celebrate being different.”

On Liberation Day this year, Van Dorst said that from now on he would go through life with the name Raven. As a born hermaphrodite (a person with male and female genitalia) it was decided at birth that Van Dorst would go through life as a woman. Raven experienced that choice as a straitjacket, the doctor who determined the sex at birth ‘should have just kept away from me’.

The broadcast with Van Dorst is on August 21. For Lowlands visitors: the Zomergasten broadcast will remain available for ten days via NPO.

As a born hermaphrodite (a person with male and female genitalia) it was decided at birth that Van Dorst would go through life as a woman.  Statue Jan de Groen

As a born hermaphrodite (a person with male and female genitalia) it was decided at birth that Van Dorst would go through life as a woman.Statue Jan de Groen