Daily Horoscope July 9 – You intuitively know what’s good for you, Pisces! † Horoscopes


A long-lasting friendship may come to an end, but a new one will take its place. Friendships can start anywhere and often when you least expect it. By the time Uranus is done with you (a few years from now) you will be in completely different circles.


Jupiter, interfering with your health in addition to your career, emphasizes the need to stay healthy this year. It is also possible that you will focus on work in healthcare. Given your work ethic, you can achieve success there and broaden your horizons further.


The cosmos is in your favor if you are looking for an affordable vacation, enter a competition or buy a ticket in a raffle. Nevertheless, some moderation is advised to prevent you from going financially wrong.


Beware and try to avoid possible danger, though you will not burn yourself even if you play with fire. A romance can be revealed, but make sure you don’t hurt someone with a disclosure. Protect each other’s privacy.


It can be a nice weekend; it looks good both financially and romantically. A good time to boost your social skills. A healthy dose of realism ensures the right approach to a project.


Give your creativity free rein and you will be amazed by your performance. At work, you will have to compromise in spite of your innovative ideas. To stay physically balanced, you should avoid alcohol.


If you are self-employed or if you are working hard on your career, you should take a rest day this weekend. Find relaxation with children or work on a book or artwork. Rest will inspire you and also do you physical good.


Your work and what others want from you may be in conflict this weekend. Before you say something you don’t mean so sharply, take a deep breath. A romance can inspire you to write a poem to express your feelings.


If you are moderate, you have a pleasant weekend ahead of you. Buy a ticket in a lottery or take part in a competition, but stay far from the casino. Let sense of duty remain a major motivator for you.


Let inspiration and talent be your guide. Misunderstandings can arise, perhaps because you assume that others agree with you, perhaps because others want to impose their ideas on you. Stay calm.


Tensions built up may disappear this weekend. Shine the spotlight on your artistic talent; there are countless opportunities to show what you can do. Financial moderation is advised, otherwise bills lead to stress.


Stay away from pushy people. Your intuition will steer you in a direction that is good for you. What started as a strong physical magnetism can slowly turn into a trusted, loving relationship.


Spend time with loved ones and pay attention to relational issues. Bonds of love will then become stronger and the support you need will be amply given. Be open to other points of view.


Those who have trouble choosing a career can now find out what their heart’s desire is. You intuitively know what is good for you. Hopefully the weather conditions are good enough to go out for a nice walk.

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