Winning couple Race for the Rings panting across the finish line: ‘Push everything, come on!’ † show

The RTL4 game show The race for the rings, Beau van Erven Dorens’ new format, has yielded a winner. Tonight we saw how Bart and Lauren crossed the special landscape of Jordan and passed the ultimate relationship test.

In the final race, the men were separated from the women. In the middle of the sweltering desert of Petra, Bart and competitors Bilal and Rick were asked to assemble an Ikea cabinet. ‘It’s a shame, because if there are things, I’ll put them together. Bart never,” lamented Lauren. Her fiancé managed to do it anyway. Bilal and Sanne got stuck and saw their dowry evaporate.

To get to the treasury of one of the caves of the historic city of Petra, Beau asked the two remaining couples four questions. Each correct answer provided enlightenment along a dark path. ‘What a mess,’ exclaimed Lauren from The Hague in between. Bart knew how to literally make her meters in her own way. “I want you to speed up, Lauren. Push everything, come on! Fucking the whole place empty, come on!’

The pill for Rick and Leonie was bitter when they saw they had caught up. “But thanks for this crazy adventure,” an exhausted Leonie squeezed. Bart and Lauren take home 10,000 euros, plus a honeymoon worth 5,000 euros. As icing on the cake, Beau tonight made the two official winners of Race around the rings certified, including wedding rings.


During the race we really lived in the moment, looking at each stage individually

Bart and Lauren

The Hague Bart & Lauren. © Shotbysud

,,We went into the race with confidence, because we are both quite fit, like competition elements and know each other well. But because the race is a combination of physical assignments, mental tests and a relationship test, it is of course extremely dynamic and anything can happen.” “During the race we really lived in the moment, watching each stage individually and staying focused. The goal was always to experience all locations during the race. And suddenly we were in Petra…”

Own marriage Beau

The presenter previewed the program two months ago on this site, which he called ‘an enormous spectacle’. It did not yield the viewing figures that he and RTL had hoped for. During the recordings, however, he often thought back to situations in his own marriage.

“You often end up in fixed patterns in relationships. If one says something, the other knows: then I say this. You are attuned to each other, but you should really look at each other in an original way every time. What does that one really say? Do we understand each other well? That happens in this series. Often it is not their physical condition that assignments go wrong. Take Bart and Lauren. Bart immediately starts running and flying, where Lauren is much more thoughtful. Typical for their relationship. Lessons are learned from that.”

Lauren gets a kiss from Beau.
Lauren gets a kiss from Beau. © RTL

Leonie & Rick got it wrong.
Leonie & Rick got it wrong. © Shotbysud

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