The 20 popular ones on Netflix: Eleven mixes up the stage – Netflix Netherlands

It should come as no surprise, Stranger Things is back at the top of the list of most popular titles on Netflix. The series has been on the podium for the past month and the release of the last episodes ensures that the first place has been taken again.

Love & Gelato, riser of the week

The Umbrella Academy has dropped to second place and Peaky Blinders has to make do with third place for now. The Man from Toronto occupies fourth place for the second week in a row, where the film Love & Gelato makes the big leap forward. The romantic film flew from tenth to fifth place.


We then meet newcomers to the list. Pirate Gold of Adak Island and the documentary Conor McGregor Notorius are in seventh and eighth place. Panama is also new in the list with an eleventh place.

Buzz around titles

Every Thursday we bring you the 20 most popular titles of the week. We admit right away, the list below is not a higher science. Just like lists are of course always subject to discussion. Due to the search behavior of visitors on our site, the buzz around titles on social media, the attention that titles generate in the media, the daily top 10 that Netflix displays and the (amount of) figures that are distributed on review sites such as IMDb, a very good picture.

In addition, Netflix now gives a daily top 10. This list fluctuates extremely, because it only gives a very global picture. It is only about two minutes that is turned on for each title, which therefore purely reflects the number of viewers and not so much the popularity. Yet it is again an extra piece of information for the most accurate list possible.

The 20 most popular titles of the moment:

  1. Stranger Things (+2)
    • Hawkins and Lenora Hills split the group in two, but then things go horribly wrong in Hawkins again. It’s Vecna ​​who kills the teenagers, brings the group together and The Upside Down turns out to be as lively as ever. But without superpowers, Eleven must relive her childhood in order to save her friends.
  2. The Umbrella Academy (-1)
    • Six siblings with special powers are reunited by their father’s death. They reveal shocking family secrets and an imminent danger to humanity.
  3. Peaky Blinders (-1)
    • The Peaky Blinders are a terrifying gang from the city of Birmingham, shortly after the First World War came to an end. Thomas Selby is in charge of the Peaky Blinders.
  4. The Man From Toronto (-)
    • An identity change forces a bumbling entrepreneur to team up with a notorious hit man, “The Man from Toronto,” in hopes of staying alive.
  5. Love & Gelato (+5)
    • To fulfill her mother’s dying wish, Lina spends the summer in Rome, where she discovers romance, adventure and a passion for gelato.
  6. You Don’t Know Me (-1)
    • When the evidence proves his guilt, a man on trial for murder recounts his love affair with a mysterious woman in his closing argument.
  7. Pirate Gold of Adak Island (new)
    • Will this expert team unearth legendary pirate treasures? This documentary series follows the hunt for buried gold in the harsh Alaskan wilderness.
  8. Conor McGregor Notorious (new)
    • From making ends meet to luxury cars and fur coats, the Irish MMA champion offers a candid look at the highs and lows of his success story.
  9. Two Summers (-3)
    • A group of close friends reunite for a luxurious vacation, decades after one of them was sexually assaulted by others in the group.
  10. Man vs Bee (-3)
    • In this comedy series, bumbling dad Trevor tries to beat a cunning bee while looking after a swanky mansion – but that only leads to more chaos.
  11. Panama (new)
    • A former Marine travels to Panama in 1989 to negotiate a secret arms deal for his old commander. He gets involved in a civil war.
  12. Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey (-1)
    • This docuseries examines Warren Jeffs’ rise to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and his shocking criminal case.
  13. First Kill (-5)
    • Falling in love is difficult for teenagers Juliette and Calliope: one is a vampire, the other a vampire hunter – and both are ready to take their first victim.
  14. way down (-2)
    • A young engineer is on the hunt for lost treasure and, along with some master thieves, tries to break into the impenetrable fortresses beneath the Bank of Spain.
  15. blasted (+3)
  16. La Casa de Papel: Korea (-3)
    • Thieves rob the currency of a united Korea. Now that they’re holding hostages, it’s up to the police to stop them and the shadowy mastermind behind it all.
  17. spider head (-8)
    • An inmate in a state-of-the-art prison begins to question the purpose of the emotion-controlling drugs he’s testing for a genius druggist.
  18. God’s Favorite Idiot (-3)
    • The sweet Clark doesn’t seem like the type God would choose to fight evil. He must ask his friends for help to spread the word and save the world.
  19. Surviving Summer (-3)
    • A rebellious New York teenager is expelled from school and exiled to Australia. There she causes a stir in the circle of friends of a young surfer.
  20. Deposits: Power & Glory (-3)
    • Foreign Minister Birgitte Nyborg’s career is at stake when a conflict over oil in Greenland threatens to turn into an international crisis.