Daily Horoscope July 8 – Keep yourself well behaved, Gemini! † Horoscopes


Friendships can thrive this year but also be tested. This can be caused by personal dramas in the lives of others, by drastic changes or a dangerous surgery or near-death experience. Your domestic life seems to be rolling on unaltered.


You will get the necessary answers if you go by your gut feelings. Finances can create stress. Pay off debts little by little rather than being held hostage by people demanding payment. Start saving if you have no debts.


An acquaintance can give you the best advice you can get. Don’t be too shy to ask for help when you need it, it enables another to do a good deed. Learn about a case you want to know more about.


Do it today if you want to get to the bottom of something. Romantic problems can lead to hurt feelings and emotional manipulation. Don’t make a scene and keep yourself well behaved.


Don’t get old cows out of the ditch, stay aloof, don’t take sides and don’t play one person against another. Emotions can lead to unwise decisions. Rather let your head guide you today than your heart.


It is important not to shirk your responsibilities. Positive news is on the way about a new prospect or a special opportunity. Count on a quick result as soon as it is clear what is expected of you.


There seems to be professional success, political influence or a financial windfall. You will have a chance to rectify a situation that is a source of concern. Friends will support you if you’ve gotten yourself into trouble.


Within a professional or private relationship, there seems to be irritation in the coming days. A partnership can undergo a definitive change that will affect your way of life. It could be manipulation.


Beware if you are attracted to someone who can dominate you. Don’t be tempted by indiscretions. At work, don’t let your good manners fail you. A business presentation will be well received.


You may need to be alone and think. However, this is not a good time to delve into old emotional wounds. The trend is romantic, but keep yourself in control and behave normally.


You have great attraction today and may meet new friends and admirers. Your employer will respond positively if you demonstrate your skills and may transfer you to another promising department.


Count on unexpected developments in the relational and financial field. It becomes increasingly clear to you how complex human interaction can be. It may be useful to retreat to the sidelines for a moment.


Allowing others to annoy you will take a toll. It can be about control and power. Make sure you have someone you can trust and rely on. Indicate your limits and do not step into other people’s territory.

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