Boys in suits turn the cinema hall upside down. What’s behind that?

During the lockdown periods, many doom stories could be read about the future of cinema. Would Generation Z still want to go to a movie theater after the worst phase of the corona pandemic? Or would they just want to tap on their phones? That fear turns out to be unfounded in the case of the successful latest Minions film. Some of its success even has to do with TikTok. How Gru Became a Super Villain (original title is Minions: The Rise of Gruz) took in $202 million worldwide in the first weekend of July. In the US, it was the highest grossing film ever in the weekend surrounding the American Independence Day.

Minions are the crazy sidekicks of the semi-friendly villain Gru. Memes featuring Minions come in many shapes and sizes, but since the premiere of the latest movie, #Gentleminions has been a trending topic† A torrent of videos has appeared on the social network in a short time, showing groups of young men in suits The Rise of Gruz to go. The boys often line up in a row, imitating the hand gestures of villain Gru. In the cinema we see them clapping and cheering during the performance. The visits are usually accompanied by the song ‘Rich Minion’ by rapper Yeat.

The films clearly contain an ironic layer, although most young people seem to be a genuine fan of the films. Universal was happy with this free commercial, the film company said on Twitter know: „To everyone who goes to minions goes: we see you and we love you.”

Noisy performances

Not everyone shares the enthusiasm about the boys in suits. Some groups were reportedly very noisy and annoying. So annoying, in fact, that some cinemas in the UK decided to refuse groups of young people in suits. Videos with a reaction to that ban went viral again afterwards: for example, a TikTok appeared in which boys hide their suits under a different layer of clothing and only change their chic outfit during the performance. to show.

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Minions offer a way out of the torture chamber that life can be with their absurd humor NRC recently. And you can say the same about this internet trend. Most of the participants will behave properly during the performance.

A solution to prevent nuisance for regular visitors as much as possible could be to organize so-called ‘rowdy screenings’ – noisy performances where visitors are allowed to be noisy and do not have to stay in their seats. Something like this happened in the past with cult films like The Room (according to some the worst movie ever) and cats (some say the worst movie ever).

Now the Minions films are received much better than those two examples, but they evoke about the same amount of emotion in visitors. If this phenomenon spreads to the Netherlands, that is already a good motto for operators. Give a bunch of gentleminions their own room and let them go for an hour and a half. As long as they don’t demolish anything, of course, because we have to leave the professional mischief to the Minions themselves.