Winner of The Perfect Picture: ‘Didn’t always submit the best photo’ | NOW

The special travel edition of The Perfect Picture, shot in Argentina, was won by Maurice Lede. The former 3 Travelingpresenter tells in conversation with that he did not always hand in his best work to the jury afterwards. Those photos will soon be put on display for the public to see.

Lede’s photos will be given a place in Museum Hilversum. The winner may exhibit work made for the program there, and may also choose photos that were ultimately not submitted to the jury. “Then you chose photo A, for example, under time pressure, but now that I see B I think: it is actually much nicer,” says Lede.

“It’s great that you’ll be able to see it big and tell the story with it. Choosing that will be a long process, but maybe I’ll discover a common thread and my own style.”

The presenter explains that he is still quite searching for his photography style. “I really like documentary photography, I like to go out with people.”

“What I really like is to create a setting that comes from a conceived concept and that you can prepare completely. So that all you have to do is press the button. I hope that with my photos I tell a story, that people see me as a photographer as a storyteller.”

‘I did everything wrong’

Member has known for a month that he is the winner of The Perfect Picture may call. The final assignment was recorded in Argentina a while ago. Only in the studio in the Netherlands did the presenter and co-finalist Jochem van Gelder hear a few weeks ago whose work was judged best by the jury. Singer Thomas Berge dropped out earlier in the broadcast.

Participation in the RTL photography show had been on Lede’s wish list for a long time. Photography was something he was interested in, but he didn’t know about the hat and brim. “Over the past few years I’ve been to so many beautiful places, which I also wanted to capture. So at a certain point I bought a camera, turned some knobs and a picture came out. Now I know: I did everything wrong, haha.”

Prior to the recordings, Lede and his fellow candidates (in addition to Van Gelder and Berge also, among others, Daphne Bunskoek, Tim den Besten and Roxanne Kwant) received a few training days. In it they were explained the intricacies of photography. Lede: “It was only then that I learned about shutter speed, light and post-processing and really started to understand the theory.”

Lede did not estimate his own chances of winning very high. “But I’m actually a blood fanatic. I mainly tried to enjoy it, but sometimes I noticed that that little zest in me came up again. Then I really had to step on the brake.”

Jochem van Gelder on his bike, photographed by Lede.

Jochem van Gelder on his bike, photographed by Lede.

Jochem van Gelder on his bike, photographed by Lede.

Photo: RTL

A huge photography bubble

Unlike previous seasons, The Perfect Picture this time recorded within a few weeks. Normally the recordings take months, they take place in the Netherlands and the candidates are not involved in the program full-time. “You were so into it now,” says Lede about this special edition.

“We were in a huge photography bubble, with all kinds of nice people who wanted to get the most out of it. Really a once in a lifetime-experience. I think I like this more than if you have to do the assignments spread over a year. The jury said that’s why it was a lot harder for us, so I’m proud of what we’ve achieved in a short time.”

Which photo is Lede most proud of? “Very honest: I would like to frame a lot of photos, haha. I really liked the photos of the final assignment, because I also feel a lot about it. And the photo with Jochem turned out very nice. It was so hilarious, he in that tight black suit that had to keep cycling while the mosquitoes punctured him and I almost set him on fire. We laughed so hard and then a picture like this comes out.”

In any case, Lede is not hanging up on the camera for the time being. “I have just returned from a few days in northern France on the motorcycle, and the camera came with me. I now take much nicer pictures,” says the presenter.

“You know better which time of day produces the most beautiful photos and how you look at the light, for example. I also notice that I enjoy showing my surroundings and followers how I see the world. Photography has given me and I want to explore it further. I’ve really become a hobby photographer.”